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This topic may not be a 'roll call' topic per se, but this area seems to get the most traffic so I thought I'd post it here. I am looking to pick some brains, get some ideas for recipe varients of pulled pork nachos and pulled pork tacos. I am interested to see what others in this forum think would make an excellent taco/nacho paring with pulled pork. No suggestion is too far out there, just want tons of feedback.

Up until recently, I have been smoking a pork butt for a few hours on a standard charcoal pit (adding some Jack Daniel's whiskey barrell chips) and then crock potting it for 6 hours or so in a root beer bath. The root beer really gives it a nice sweetness, but since it's not really 'smoked' I don't get the pinkness or the crust so much. I'm about to do a full blown smoke only version using the rub/sauce recipe I bought on this site. I feel good about the rub since it is VERY similar to the one I had already made myself and been using. The home-made sauce will be a departure for me since I have used Sweet Baby Ray's Hickory and Brown Sugar up till now. I also make my own slaw, because pulled pork sandwiches DEMAND slaw!

Anyway, pics posted of my previous cooks via the root beer method, enjoy. PLEASE give me feedback for recipe ideas for the pulled pork tacos and nachos! Looking forward to it!

I know a number of chefs here in the UK that slow cook their gammon in Ginger Beer. That is lovely and I have also used a similar rethod to you - but the other way around. I slow cook it in Ginger Beer and then apply the rub before roasting it in the BBQ to give it a bit of an external "bark". I agree the sweetness of the beer gives it a wonderful flavour. 
See Wade, I was thinking of doing something similar where I would soak the butt in the root beer and then smoke it. I know that generally speaking you really don't need to soak/brine/marinate pulled pork but by doing it in this order I would get the bark as you say. Anyone else done this?

Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.

Hey Vince, glad to see you jumped right in. When I do pork shoulders my #2 son and daughter-in-law like to make Tacos with it. If you like crunchy  you can use taco shells, I like and they like soft tacos, either corn or flour, usually put some pulled pork, a little chopped tomato and onion, cilantro, a little grated cheese and a dab of salsa. Also if you like, add avocado, sour cream or just about anything else you like. Try both corn and flour see which you like best.  Good Luck

Gary S
Thanks for the input Gary. I had a few ides for the taco... Some of the cabbage that I would use for the slaw that I normally put over my pulled pork sandwiches, but without the slaw sauce. This would take the place of lettuce on a normal taco and give it a crunch factor. Then I was thinking some fresh sliced jalapenos, fresh cilantro and a double sauce approach using drizzle of bbq sauce and avacado crema..or maybe cilantro crema. I like cheese on everything personally but most places I go don't do cheese on their pulled pork for whatever reason. I don't want to go too Mex or Asian with the finished product as I want to stay true to the smoked butt/bbq theme.The chopped raw onion may be nice as I see a lot of places served raw onion w/ pulled pork also. Thanks again for the suggestion.
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I am glad you said Cabbage I totally forgot about. I like it better than lettuce on my tacos,

Gary S
I am glad you said Cabbage I totally forgot about. I like it better than lettuce on my tacos,

Gary S
Cabbage is excellent on tacos and coleslaw on pulled pork is pretty awesome too....RTB...
I can't believe a totally forgot cabbage, I always get it on my tacos when we go out (Real deal Mexican Food) quite a few here in East Texas. And like slaw on my pulled pork sandwich 

Just add a unique layer of flavor.   Happy Easter

Gary s
I make my own slaw typically. Very simple recipe of basic raw slaw mix hat you get at any store and I add mayo, honey, celery salt and cracked black pepper. That's it, very simple. It's sweet and creamy and cunchy and it lets the pork be the star.
       So...In preparation for this weekend (When I will create pulled pork perfection on my new wood smoke Traeger grill) I am experimenting with sauce combinations for the pulled pork tacos. I will be making my very own bbq sauce from scratch using the recipe I bought on this site, and I wanted 2 other complimenting sauces for a trio of taste bud nirvana. Threw together some steak tacos to give the sauces a whirl. BEHOLD! I give you chipotle garlic mayo and cilantro lime crema! The chipotle mayo is a smokey garlic up front, with a deceptive pleasant heat on the back end. The cool sour cream and cilantro's bite pairs perfectly. Eyes roll to the back of the head, as planned. Add the bbq sauce and the result should be AMAZE BALLS!
FINISHED PRODUCT! So here it is...You can see the whole butt just off the smoker. Look at that bark! OMG! That is a thing of beauty. I took a shot about mid pull, and you can see the contrast between the dark crusty bark and the pink inside. Next we have a pulled pork classic sandwich. Creamy home made slaw atop the smoky pork and bbq sauce w/ a little raw onion. Lastly, a pulled pork taco with some slaw, jalapenos and sauce trio: home made bbq, chipotle mayo and cilantro sour crema.

First time with a true wood only smoker. I was using a Traeger, and it was a bit more involved than 'set it and forget it'...But all in all I think it went well. I used the rub and bbq sauce recipes that I bought from this site and they were very good. Next time I will experiment with adding a water pan, and I will also make some puled pork nachos. 
Good job, looks like you nailed it !!!

Gary S
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