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  1. Smokinal recommended amns for my mes when i was wondering if chips were needed every hour. Are you guys running the cylinder or the 5x8? Looking at either but i was curious to know if you guys had pics on how you have it setup, such as location, drip trey in, water trey used, etc etc. It seems a lot of people remove the chip loader so you get plenty of air. This would be for hot smoking but id like to cold smoke one day. Thanks! Also, i see a reference to "ask todd" but no reference to who todd is, lol, so who is this master todd? Im trying to do reasearch before i use my mes 40.
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    Todd Johnson owns A-MAZE-N and inventor of the AMNPS and Tube. If your MES Model # ends in 10,11 or is Bluetooth the AMNPS maze works fine. Anything else get a Tube or do the Mailbox Mod with AMNPS. I put  the AMNPS on the bottom left side. Most times pulling the Tray and Feed Tube out 1-2" is enough for air. Most of us don't add water to the Pan. Some add sand to hold heat. Top vent wide open except to keep bugs out when not using the smoker...JJ
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  4. Thanks. Ive been adding to my arsenal and it will be different stepping away from my devotion to weber. The amazen is something ive wanted for a long time and i guess this is the best time to get one as all the research ive done says the mes does great but little smoke flavor.
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    Had my first one 5 years and meat always has a great smoke flavor, especizlly if you don't Foil. I had to switch from 100% Hickory to the Pitmaster's Blend because the family complained there was too much smoke. That is the most used model on here so a search will give TONS of info on it...JJ
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    After fighting chips and not being able to really cold smoke, the AMNPS heated up my MES 30 to 90 deg....     this is what I did....

    Remove all the stuff inside the MES except the chip loader.....  the 3" elbow protrudes through the wall so

    an extension can be put on it to move the smoke to the center of the MES...  That's a big soup can you see...

    put legs on the AMNPS for better air flow....

    Drilled 3/4" holes in the MB for good air flow....

    3" elbow installed...

    3" elbow slipped into the chip chute hole...

  7. Ive been wanting to step into ribs with this. Currently looking at spare ribs but ive seen some break done and some cook whole. I was planning a 3-2-1 but i guess a 5 hour smoke then sauce the last hour would be good.
  8. Dave i think i found your other post and also was curious if you had issues with it leaking from the mailbox and tube.
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    The duct and elbows fit pretty tight...  if they leak, it isn't enough to hurt anything...   you need good air flow when smoking anyway...   too many folks close off the exhaust or close it down when smoking which is the wrong thing to do....   after the smoke is done, stuff can be partially closed down...

    The 3 holes in the door are there for a reason...   2 lower, feed air to the AMNPS...  the 1 upper.. stops the smoke from recirculating and forces all the smoke to the ducting end...  recirculating smoke is low in oxygen and the AMNPS needs all the oxygen it can get.....  The LEGS are an immense help...  it works so good now...   like a different smoke generator...  it gets all the oxygen it needs and burns perfect....  below is a picture of the test burn....   around the back end corner....    nice white ash....  a complete burn...  the pellets were NOT dried or anything...   just put in and lit...

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    Like JJ said, that's the Gen #1---An awesome Old Standby---Works Great !!

    However I never had to pull any Dumper or Drawers out to get my AMNPS to work, and below is the Pic you asked for:

    You can see where my AMNS is & my AMNPS works Great there too:

    And if your AMNPS gives off too much heat for you (Like with Cheese), use Dust instead of Pellets.

    And if it still gets too warm, fill a Jug or two 3/4 full of water & freeze them. Then put one in a pan in your smoker, like below.

    If you just put Ice in, it will add too much humidity, so do the Jug deal.

    Cheese Above this:

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    How did you attach the legs?
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    Drilled the 3 holes in the AMNPS, had a nut and a washer on the bolt, put it through the hole, put another nut and washer on the bolt and tightened the nut/washer on the SS screen....

    I used a step drill bit to drill into the SS screen...
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    I did a "built in" mailbox mod using concrete (aka cinder) blocks. Works the same, but my wife appreciates how finished it looks. I also added an 8 foot chimney (after the pic shown) to get the smoke above the roof line. We have an attic vent right above the smoker and the smoke was getting in the house before the chimney.


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