Lobster topper

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You can kind of see from this picture how I did it. I cut all the way to the bottom of the tail then I injected them with butter. \

I do lobster tails somewhat the same, except i cut the top as mentioned, pull the meat out and lay over the tail, use butter, a tad bit of rosemary, and a slight injection of cajun/garlic butter. they turn out fantastic!
I really like the idea of injecting the tails with butter. Never thought of doing that before. Don't know why it is so simple. Thanks Ross.
I will do the tail only. cut it in the middle to the long of the tail, make a sauce of Olive oil fresh crashed garlic salt chili sauce and wine mix well lift the meat from the shell and pour in from the sauce and put on the Weber  shell down  rub from the sauce on the flash let it cook few minute and then Turn it with the flash down for few seconds .bonapttit
I'm still waiting for one of our Texas members to say, "Hey, Where'd y'all get the Crawdaddy?"

Caribbean Spiny Lobster - no claws!  (Island Craw-dad)  The legs are actually large enough to get some meat, so we shall see how the next one does on the weber.  I'll post up a thread when I attempt.  Guess even if it turns out bad it will still be dang good.   

wood suggestion?  I have the usual suspects at hand thanks to Todd   Apple, Hickory, Alder, Cherry,...MDF, Sauder furniture...whatever it takes! lol
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