LEM VacMax 250

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Apr 28, 2024
Guys & gals I'm new to all this type stuff, & after spending a couple grand on my grill/smoker, I ain't got much money left!!

My question is: Will the the LEM vacmax 250 be sufficient to start out with?

Are there cheaper or better options for a sealer in that $200 dollar range.

Can some of you professionals give me some sound advice.

Thanks. Any & all help will be greatly appreciated.
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I have been trying to research the same thing. I saw your post and was hoping to read replies. My food saver is 10 years old and now overheats after 3-4 seals, and the bags will with air soon after sealing.
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The LEM sealers are fine products.

I have the 100 as it's just myself and the wife and it's been more than sufficient for our needs.A few months back Amazon had the entire line on sale at ridiculously low prices...may be worth waiting to see if they do it again.
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I have the 250 and like it fine. Only trouble I have had is if I cut the bag a little short then it wants to wrinkle at the seal bar and not auto seal, once I realized this I cut the bags just a bit longer or hold the two edges of the bag at the front of the sealer while in vacuum and stop the wrinkle. No issue since. Usually when we are using it we seal between 10 and 20 bags consecutively with no issues other than what I already stated. I like it.
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