Liquid Gold(Aus Jus)

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dj mishima

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Jun 8, 2011
Canton, MI
I just did a 10 lb pork butt yesterday. If I can get around to it, I'll do a write up.

I already vacuum sealed and froze the pulled pork into 1 lb portions with a healthy splash of aus jus collected from the pan. I still have a bit left over. I also saved the smoked lard. I can't bring myself to throw that stuff out even if I have no plans for it.

My question is what to do with that magic pork jelly? I have a bit left over. I was thinking about freezing it until the next time I do another pork shoulder. I could use it for an injection. But I was wondering if y'all had any other ideas.

Thanks in advance!
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When I vac sealed the leftovers (vac sealed per family serving boneless and bone-in shoulders I did last week, I added 1 good spoon full of the "jelly" per vac seal bag. I reheated some last week for sandwiches and it was awesome! It really helped and was a lot more flavorful.
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I freeze mine in disposable containers. I just got out a thing of smoked beef broth for a project today. Another great idea folks do is freeze in an ice cube tray then freeze the cubes for use.
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