Labor Day Smoke

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Jun 20, 2006
Marietta, GA
I had planned to smoke 5 racks of BBs, each prepped differently to fine tune my comp turn-ins. However, when my friends, family, and neighbors found out I was smoking, they asked me to smoke a few butts. These few butts turned into 12 boneless butts!!! So much for experimenting with ribs...

Below are a few pics with the butts in marinade for 36 hours, my little set up, and the smoker loaded. Also, I am smoking two different kinds of beans, the ones on the left are Dutch's recipe, and the ones on the right are a friend named Kevin's recipe. Notice that they are collecting the butt juices. :)


Wowie Noah, Umm what do you do in your spare time? :) Looks real good.. never seen somuch nice looking butt in one place :)

Way cool, Noah! Absolutely scrumptous lookin'. And don't feel alone! I was gonna chill this weekend and am now putting on a full blown smoke, too!

Ok guys,
Its done! 12 hours, including cooler time, and another 2 pulling, packaging, and clean up. I think its time for a nap... Also, went through the better part of a bottle of Jim Beam. How are your cooks going?

BTW, both sets of beans came out great! I think I like Dutch's recipe, as it required a lot less work with pretty much the same taste. The only change is that next time I'm not going to saute the bacon, and I'll add a cup or so of pulled pork. I could call it Dutch's wicked pork & beans!
Mine starts at 0400 hrs Sunday morning and will not stop till the last camper leaves Monday about noon. And since I have made arrangements for folks to camp on my acreage it looks like I will be doing another breakfast on Monday AM! But I really enjoy it that way! Nobody leaves with a "load" on.

So mch for planning a kick back get together!

I spent all morning running all over town buying ribs here, loins there and then came home and boiled some shrimp to go with some beef tenderloin filets for dinner tonight. I will start actually cooking for labor day tomorrow.
How did them shrimp filets come out? And what time are you going to start your smoke?
The "shrimp filets" rocked 8)

I started my loins at 10:00 AM this morning. Temp is up to 135 and I'm going to foil at 165 and take them all the way to 195 so they will be extremely tender. I'll get pics when I spray them next time. I'm going to do my baby backs, chicken and sausage early AM tomorrow. Also all the side's will go in tomorrow.
Hate to double post, but here is the loin at 3 hours, I just foiled it a moment ago, it has been 4 hours and is now at 165. It was at 158 in this pic

This is just a straight cajun smoked pork loin, nothing on it but Tony's seasoning and apple juice for a mop.
OK guys here is the loin. I smoked it with cherry and pecan until 165 and then foiled and took it to 195. Only took 6 hours and I let it sit and the temp rose to 200 as it rested. It is fall apart tender and I have it out of the juice and letting it rest in another container. I reserved the juice and I will decide what to do with it tomorrow. 8) Nice problem to have. :D

Here are the loins

Here are some slices (or chunks) 8)

Ok, Loin down and ribs, chicken and sausage plus all the sides to go in the early morning hours. \

See you guys at sunup :D
Rodger, some day, m'man, I am gonna make it to your back yard whether it be on two wheels, four wheels, or a wheel chair. That is class "A" food porm!
Thank you for sharing. Can't wait for tomorrow!
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