Labor Day Smoke

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I've been doin' Bud all day. 'Bout ready to foil a picnic. Will post a pic if I am able!
Alright Monty, glad to see you got the smoke blowing. I was wondering about you with all the Northeast flooding going on :(
I am in high country. Been raining but put my wet weather mod to the GOSM and got a picnic in about 0800. Could not get it in earlier because of the thunderous rain. Would have washed off the rub. Picnic is a little over 8 lbs and cost me $.89/lb. Saved the rind for a cracklin cornbread tomorrow.

In the AM I will put on about eight or nine fatties of different flavors of my own making to serve breakfast to the mob here. From this point, since I have been grilling and smoking and drinking all day I would say this is a wonderful weekend so far. More good news later!

Oh, and the hen fruit is laid right here, my friend!

I've had a couple of buds in a can, but now upgrading to Jim Beam and Ginger! Monty, good to hear that you are managing to beat the weather! How about some pics?
Stand by, Noah! Food Porn in about 30 minutes or so when the magical 165 registers. Would have done before pics but had to beat the rain.
Those loins look really great..sounds like you still have a long day ahead of ya...Good Luck..

Glad you could still make the day work for ya even with the rain...

Enjoy the weekend Guys..

Thanks for the good words, Richard! We're having a ball rain and all! Ever play horseshoes in a soaking downpour with a load on?



Yeah.. I can remember the good old days...did some crazy chit living off base in Okinawa...those sure were some good times

OK, folks, here is a rainy day picnic about to enter stage three; Stage one was last night when I rubbed it, (C'mon! No snickering!), stage two was into the smoke in a tearing downpour, and now, stage three to the finish!

I liked green and black label. Seems like I liked it too much :oops:

Edit: we posted at the same time. Those shoulder's look great man 8) . Way to go especially considering the weather.
Rodger if you are doing Dickels you are doing it right! No matter what color the label!

Sorry for the poor photography, folks! Low light, foil reflecting etc. What the hell! I tried

Thanks, Rodger!

It has not been a fun time all together! But we are making the best of it! Would like to post a few "shoe shots" but the folks here are from my "last life" and are understandably camera shy.

But we are having fun!


You are welcome here! Just don't spread yourself too thin! Seriously! If you wanna head for the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont you've gpt a place to land!

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