Labor Day Smoke

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Thanks, Richard! Photography is a bit off but as I write they are foiled and climbing fast!

Looks great guys, I'm jealous.

Had to work all weekend.

I'll have to shoot for next to get the smoker going.

Great looking food, I'm getting hungry :D
OK, Here' the scoop. Most of the folks here had never tasted a pulled pork sandwich, never mind witness a smoke session. The fatties and skinnies earlier got them thinking. If this place was a church I would swear something religious happened last night! Talk about converts! (Should have passed the collection plate! :D )

Gonna find myself tutoring a lot of folks!

Oh, almost forgot. The rub was Jamison's "Southern Succor Pork Rub" , which I doubled and added two teaspoons eash of garlic and ginger powder. Did not do the yellow mustard thing. And for a mop I used pure apple juice 4 to 1 with apple cider vinegar to which I added two tablespoons of the rub. So that would be two tbls to one pint. It really hit the crowd fine!

Well, got a big breakfast to tend to!

Happy Labor Day, Everyone!

I' a little behind here .. been busy and my son come over .. just a pasta day yesterday .. shrimp scampy .. garlic bread ..

Rodger, good looking smoke you got going on... I'll be right behind Monty when he come to visit..

Monty. Nice looking pork .. great looking bark my mouth is watering.. The weather today has cleared up some so it'll be a good day for a smoke.

Noah you had your work cut out for you, Congrats on a good smoke.

Have a safe holiday folks..

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