Keeping Roast Beef Warm

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Jun 17, 2014
I often sous vide eye roasts for 22 hours with beefy onion soup mix and a tablespoon of gravy master. 131 degrees and it's awesome.
I have not found a way to serve it warmer than very luke warm. When I slice and serve it gets cold. Since it's perfect at 131 I'd love to have something that will keep it at that exact temp until I put it on the plate.

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If I'm making open-faced hot RB sandwiches. Then I put the pot of gravy on the table with the RB slices mixed in. Everyone takes their beef and gravy from the pot. Granted I'm only feeding two normally, but it has worked for four people.

I dip slices in warm beef broth . It will cook it some more , but it's completely tender , and not over cooked . I do that mostly for sandwiches .

I've also pre-cooked it in the SV , then freeze in the bag . When I want to server it it goes back in the pot from frozen for the correct amount of time . When the rest of the meal is ready , I unbag and slice .

This was done in the SV, then held overnight and sliced cold the next day .
Put in the bowl and pour warm ( not boiling ) beef broth over the slices and put the lid on .
Pretty much the same method as Chris , but using beef stock .
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