Just some wings

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Aug 13, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana
Hey there.
I wasn't going to post about it because it's just wings but it's been a little slow so I thought why not?
We had temps in the 50s a couple of days ago and I wanted to grill something.
I gave up my wing boycott and picked up a tray at Aldi.
While I was on a roll I thought I'd try something different.
I often use hot sauce for a marinade but I had something else I'd picked up on a whim.
sauces.jpg Thought I'd try the Muay Thai instead of hot sauce....
I did half of them in the MuayThai and half of them naked.
I wasn't crazy about the "fishy" smell of the sauce so I dosed all of them with St Elmo's at the end which we're big fans of.
vortex.jpg platter.jpg wing plate.jpg
The Muay Thai came through but not as strongly as I thought it would but it did add a little "something". Not hot or spicy at all.
We had some really good wings and I had a chance to grill in December!
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful evening!
No such thing as "Just Some Wings "
It's here are the wings, come and get em.

Looks real tasty ..Fishy smelling wings , glad you covered that up some, ha ha

We love a big feed of wings, and those look like they hit the spot

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Absolutely looks delicious! I'd make them disappear then you'd have to change your title from just some wings to hey, where'd my wings go! :emoji_blush:

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