Just some more pastrami

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Jun 13, 2017
Northeast Ohio
Freezer is getting low on pastrami so time to stock up. Two whole corned briskets from GFS with a rub similar to the famous Katz deli pastrami. Smoked with a mix of cherry and oak on the Lang. While they were smoking I threw in a couple racks of babybacks for a buddy. Did them no wrap , hot and fast , membrane on 275-300 , spritzed with 50/50 apple cider vinegar / water with a splash of hot sauce. Came out perfect.
That pastrami looks great Jeff! Much better than Katz’s I bet. I’ll take some piled high on rye.
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That pastrami looks great Jeff! Much better than Katz’s I bet. I’ll take some piled high on rye.
looks great! if your making xray a sandwich and if ain't to much trouble can i have one too.
Im with Ray......Pile it high and throw some swiss on there with a little spicy mustard.
Thanks guys. My go to sandwich on this is 1/4 inch slices of pastrami, fried cabbage , havarti dill and some homemade Russian dressing type sauce. The havarti dill with it is excellent. I’m not opposed to sauerkraut, Swiss and brown mustard though.
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Mommy mommy, I want pastrami! That looks perfect Jeff, Like! I saw some really nice corned beef at Sam's last week, now I'm thinking thoughts! RAY
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I get hungry every time jcam posts something. That pastrami looks awesome. I have been drooling over pastrami threads on SMF for years and keep saying,"I gotta do that", but I still haven't.
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Wow Jeff, look at the color on that strami!!! Great job

Point for sure
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