just joined great site....uds done...now ribs soon...

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Mar 3, 2011
my ???? is how long should they cook  in the uds...going to use a mix between apple and mes wood ..dont know too much about smoking things i been reading up on here  today but i dont want to wreck the ribs...first time trying it out help me out...thanks  
Well we need some more info.

are they baby back or spares. if they are baby back i would do a 2-2-1 method witch  is 2 hours on the smoker after that 2 hours is up wrap them in foil put just a bit of apple juice with them put them back on the smoker for 2 hours than take them out of the foil and put back on the smoker for 1 hour.. 2-2-1.. you would do the same thing with spares the only step that is difference  is you start of with 3 hours on the smoker 3-2-1.. a good smoker temp would be around 230F.. hope this helps.. happy smoking .
thanks ill post some pics in the pm when they are done sat
Welcome to smf glad to have ya!! Spend some time reading the wikis and using the search features to get ya started. Good luck with your upcoming smokes!

first pic is the ribs after a night in the frige one with a mustard base with rub on it and the other just a rub on it

second pic is my uds  :)

third pic is just before i foiled them... enjoy..more pics to come..
well im at the foil stage  took some pics but they wont let me upload them...
well im at foil stage...but it wont let me upload pics
thanks guys  i just today got the final peice to my uds....my second grate     now i can smoke 2 high  woohoo!!!!
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