Jerk Chicken Quarters

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Master of the Pit
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Feb 10, 2009
Gonna do a quick post...Made some jerk chicken quarters for dinner tonight. Put them in a simple brine and soaked them  for about 5 hours,had to use a plate to hold them down in the bowl.


After the brine and a quick rinse i patted them dry and put my jerk rub on,and under the skin. Rub was simple,jerk,honey grandulars,onion powder,ginger powder,dry mustard,and some cbp.Rubbed them up and let them sit while i got the smoker ready and up to temp.


I wanted to use oak for the smoke so i used my ecb.Smoked them at 275-300 for about 3 hours to a it of 175. Let them rest for 20 mins.


Man these were good! nice and juicy and the oak wood hit the spot! Plus the wife and i whipped up some twice baked taters. With cheese and tabasco topping!!


and a close up for good measure!!


Thanks for checking out my dinner qview!!!--LES
Jerk chicken is the best!  Unfortunately my wife and kids don't do the heat very well
, so I almost never get to make it... *sigh*

For doing brines, go to your local big box "-Mart" (Kmart, Walmart, ect.) and look in the section where they have plastic storage bins. They should have big 3 gallon, 5 gallon, and even 20 gallon super heavy duty Ziplock bags - I keep the 3 & 5 gallon on hand all the time. They have a double zipper on them that works awesome for holding a gallon of brine and some meat.
well firecapt, the brine was pretty simple..

 1 cup water

 2 tbl. morton's tenderquick

 1/2 cup light brown sugar

 1 tbl.onion powder

 1 tbl. minced garlic

 1 tea.ground ginger

 1 tea.dry ground mustard

 1 tea.parsly,crushed

 1 tea.sweet basil, crushed

 1 tea. cilantro

the rub was just made up in my head this is just a rough guess as to the amounts!

1/2 cup carribean jerk seasoning

1/2 cup honey granulars

1 tea onionpowder

1 tea orange peel

1 tea lemon peel

1 tea ground ginger

1/2 tea cbp

This was by far the best chicken i have done as far as flavor goes.I think i might try this type of rub on a pork butt too! feel free to change anything that ya want, tell me how ya like it!
Awesome legs there Les!!!

I thought I smelled something really good, coming from West-NorthWest of here!


Now your legs look awesome and so do the taters. We really like Jerk anything. Next time try it on some pork. You'll soon be wishing for the plane to take you to Jamaica Mon. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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