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Inkbird IBBQ-4T connection issue


Joined Apr 20, 2021
I have tried to set my new thermometer up numerous times and can’t get it to connect to my wifi , I could use some help before I send it back to Amazon !


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Joined Apr 17, 2020
Are you using the InkBird Pro app? I had to use it to get it to connect to my wifi


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Joined Sep 29, 2018
Google the Ink bird IBBQ-4T , many YouTube Setup videos come up that may be of help. Try router reset and then reconnect.
Good luck. . .


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Joined Sep 4, 2017
does your router broadcast at 2.4ghz? you need to enable that in your router if its available also connect your phone to the 2.4 ghz signal during setup wpa/wpa2 encryption only


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Joined Oct 26, 2018
Hello friends,Thank you so much for your ongoing support of the inkbird!
1f308.png If you can't connect the Wifi model bbq thermometer IBBQ-4T to the app,hopefully this will help you:
Most people can't connect it with the app because the IBBQ-4T can't connect in a blended network,some WiFi routers now merge/blend 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for greater connectivity.But the IBBQ-4T only works on 2.4Ghz WiFi networks.

1f449.png 1f449.png 1f449.png So,look at this(Please be patient):
1f388.png We suggest you use the"BBQ-4T"app,which is more suitable for it.If this app doesn't work,you can also try the"Inkbird pro"and"Inkbird plus"apps( 1f604.png There is no failure except in no longer trying).
1f388.png Then App and both your phone have to be on 2.4GHz WiFi.How to check is a complex job so we suggest you to have your 2.4GHz and 5GHz do not have the same WIFI name and password.You could log into your router's admin console to make this change.
1f388.png Finally,make sure your phone and both the app are connected to 2.4GHz, then try connecting to the IBBQ-4T.
1f388.png After that,you could re-activate the 5GHz band.It's a little easier if you disable 5GHz altogether,for a first connection.

1f91c.png 1f91b.png Kindly reminding: Move the router as far as your wifi signal can reach.The IBBQ-4T should be kept away from metal and placed 1 meter above the ground to avoid weakening the signal.
1f607.png We appreciate your support! If something is not clear, please let me know and I will correct it.You are also welcome to share and learn in the comments. 1f91f.png
We'll do our best to provide better products and services!


Joined Apr 20, 2021
I had the same issue when I got mine, There is a second app that was created, and the first one was never deleted. Use the second one - Inkbird PLUS, Not PRO.

That cleared my connection problem


Joined Apr 20, 2021
Thank you all I had to use the inkbird plus app and it took about 4 tries using that to get it connected , I just hope it doesn’t happen every time I want to use it during a cook .


Joined May 7, 2021
Hello all, I received my IBBQ-4T yesterday, and still haven’t been able to get it to connect. I’ve tried all 3 apps and really don’t want to send it back. Help!

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