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I got my origal injector from Ron too. But it finally broke. Got one in a package from someone for free that's okay but a PITA to squeeze out the juice and the needle point keeps falling out. It hangs up for some reason. Guess I'll try the Wally World.

Smoked -

I've been looking at that all metal one for awhile but it looks to much like the one my dentist uses .... brrrrrrrr

what keeps breaking on the element? it seems very much just like the one in my deep fryers...... and how much have they cost to replace????? little lady is excited that we can do crab legs etc in the thing....for me, I hate seafood.......oh well....can always do a ton of hot wings....
Every time it stops working, someone always drops it on the element. You can't see a break, but it's there. Since the last time, I have been washing it myself and we haven't had a problem. Just one of those times when the old adage "if you want it done right, do it yourself" applies. As with most "good" companies, they have always replaced it for free, even when out o warranty.
I have taken this to work many times. We do a lot of cooking there, and our favorite thing to cook in it is Hooters wings. We usually have the cooks and the dish washers. The dish washers don't seem to care about your stuff, because they're mad they were elected dish washer.
ive used the one smoked has it has littler holes than the eastman that i bought when i add rubb to my marinade i put the marinade in a coffee cup and add run to it and heat it in microwave for about a min to help dissolve it a little and that way it doesnt plug the holes good luck
i just got back from wally world, getting the stuff to make a batch of wicked baked beans, and got an injector while i was there, $2.44. i looked at the fryers too. they were $70, marked down to $50, masterbuilt electric brand.
Chris, that's funny... Bud just walked through the door and stoped at wally world, $2.44 as my dad used to say you can't beat that with a two by four!!!

theresa, that is the same exact one i bought. now to figure out what i want to inject into the roasts i have in the fridge, waiting to get smoked. i rubbed them with mustard, black pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, and onion powder last night and wrapped in saran wrap. thinking of waiting until tomorrow, as the wind id kicking today, and tomorrow it is supposed to be calm. that is the way it was last week.
Theresa, go to the vet and get the biggest syringe and needle they have. Doesn't work worth a crap, but is kinda neat.

Actually has worked good for me, but I figure there has to be somethin' better out there.

Just some advise that really isn't worth a "hoot".
Yeah, I can see that conversation now.. " Doctor, can I have the bigges't syringe you have?"...

(Doctor) Well Theresa what do you need it for?

(Me) Too inject my butt of course
I also saw one at target today for 1.99 but it is not as good and I doubt that I'd trust it......I'm sticking with my cajun until it breaks, then I already have the cajun replacement wally world 2.44!!!!!
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