Braising liquid

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Original poster
Jan 8, 2024
New Orleans
Hey everyone. Josh here from New Orleans, a newbie smoker. Question when you all do a pork butt, and you want a braising liquid with it, do you smoke the liquid the entire time as the butt? Do you all have a specific volume you use so that it doesn't reduce all the way and burn? I have a Bradley vertical smoker so would the braising liquid go underneath the butt or on top? Just food for thought. Stay warm wherever y'all are at.
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I make this quite often and it's always good. If you make more than you need, it refrigerates well to use on another cook. I always make some for the boys to take home with them when they come to town.

As dirtsailor2003 dirtsailor2003 said, it'll freeze pretty good in some ice trays and the cubes can then be placed into a zippy bag or container. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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