Injector Recommendations

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Jan 25, 2007
Was wondering if somone could recommend a injector they have used and like. The one I have is a cheapo and when I add a couple teaspoons of rub to the injection liquid the spices allways clog it up. Any suggestions??
hummm I've always used the el cheapo "cajun" one with the green handle, it has always worked fine for me........
The one I have is called a Zap flavor injector and must be even cheaper.....wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
I've used mine for many many much so the printing on the tube is worn off....but here is what it looks like....keeping in mind I just used it to inject brine into bottom roasts for making corned beef and pastrami....
oh man it has been so many years, I think honestly I picked it up at a swap meet....but I've seen the same one in ace hardware, just didn't see how much it was....... and like debi's got the metal needle which is a must!
maybe try heating the liquid a little --
them mix in spices--
then shoot then up.

i use the one that came with the cajun garlic sauce...

sauce and injecter was abiut 6 bucks...

the hypo is a veteran of many roasts- turkeys- butts-

hey chris...I'll pm you on this also...but we hit wally world tonight, spent a ton of bucks....but they do have one there similar to mine, not the exact same...but close's only 2.44 so hit the kitchen section...I actually bought one just because tonight......well along with the masterbuilt electric turkey fryer they had discounted down to 40 bucks!!!!!

Thanks all, will have to make a trip to wally world $2.44 sounds like the price is right!! Heck at that price I'll pick up a spare.
heck yea....little lady and I was there and I saw that...chris and I had chatted earlier and I thought I had seen one there....but when we were there.....and it was that damn cheap......I said "I need a spare just in case, you know....just in case" and then she got me whe she saw the masterbuilt turkey fryer in the discount section and said " you need to buy that just in case you want to deep fry a turkey" ...... somedays she really surprises me!!!!
smoker dude,
what a score on the fryer..
filling it with peanut oil will cost more than half of fryer cost///

they get 99 bucks for that fryer -in these parts.

of course you know...
dont fry fish in it till after the turkey...

cajun injected whole chickens taste great also...

else does master built sell ????
no doubt...but it also will do crab boils etc........ the original price on it was 80 bucks...... and it has a nice little book that has some really good recipes in it.......but hey, little lady said I had to buy I did.....
I have about a half dozen of them and most came bundled with Cajun injector marinade. One is the injector that came with my showtime rotisserie that lets you inject solid stuff like onions and peppers and the like. It is pretty cool to play with sometimes
I also have that same fryer. Walmart had it clearanced for 39.99 a couple years ago. I like it, because there is absolutely no chance of boiling over. But be careful, I mean very careful when washing the element. I have had mine replaced 3 times.
I use peanut oil. It is more pricey, but you can use it more times because it doesn't burn like veggie oil does. Whenever I start a new jug, I always fry a turkey first. Something about a turkey that makes everything else you cook just taste better.
If you have a problem finding filters, I used to go to a Taco Bell, sweet talk the manager and she'd give me a couple for free. Then I found them at Bass Pro Shop. I tried the battery powered oil sucker thing, it sucks, and not in a good way. I took it back for a refund. I let my oil cool down to about 150º, then pour it into a big funnel lined with the filter.
I use the injector that LEM sells. It's kind of expensive, but it will last the lifetime of me and at least 3 generations after me. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.