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  1. Today I am doing my first ABTs. The jalapeños are huge. For the stuffing we are using cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, 4 cheese Mexican blend, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes and some diced habaneros. It tastes great as it is on a raw jalapeño.
    I also have a bunch of chicken wings going in as well. I have them all coated in Meathead's memphis dust. Those should rock. If you never tried the dust, you should. It is awesome on pulled pork and chops.
    I'll post pics as things get rolling.
  2. Well we just pulled the ABT's.  SUCCESS! Man, they were tasty.  The whole family loved them.  I almost lost a hand reaching for the last one.

    Now we are just waiting for the wings.  Here are some pictures.  Sorry about the drool...................

    Everything just going into the MES

    ABT's are ready

    Wings are almost there

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    Wow! Points for that good cook! Your family must enjoy heat. 😂very nice.
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  4. Thanks.  The wings came out great.  Made to wide food coma.  Leftovers heated up on the grill tomorrow.                     
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    Looking good Kurt! I like it! Funny thing is Friday night before the contest we made 150 abts and I didn't get one... lol! Guess I'll be making some soon!
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    Those pics look great! Choc. Was the habanero pieces in the ABT too much, or do you like it like that?
  7. No they were just perfect.  I used 4-5 habs, de-seeded and finely chopped.   It had just the right amount of flavor.
  8. b-one

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    Nice smoke! Those peppers sound to hot for me.:fire:
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  9. No way. My wife and daughters thought they were just right.  I'm into flavor with a little warmth, not a burning run to the hickory hole[​IMG]

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