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In-direct Loins on my Weber Gold w/recipes...hope you don't mind some Q-view

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by forluvofsmoke, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I had to try an indirect on my Weber...didn't take the opportunity yet and I've had it for about 4 months already...smoking is my where my main bag of tricks are hidden, so I guess that's my only excuse for not doing it sooner...[​IMG]

    Anyway, I tossed together a couple simple out-of-the-box dry rubs for the ocassion as well, and since I have good success using this method, I thought it would be appropriate to share them for the novice outdoor cooks to ponder on...just to start the thought provoking process. I just grab a container that looks like it may be what I'm wanting, give the contents a sniff, and choose whether it fits my purpose at that particular moment or not.

    The first is an Garlic & Herb blend...very simple and to the point:

    1 Tbs Oregano

    1 Tbs Sweet Basil flakes

    2 tsp garlic powder

    1 Tbs Sea Salt, fine granules

    The reduced volume goes along with my reason for using this blend: I wanted a mildly flavorful rub with a relatively light application, allowing the pork loin and chargrilled flavors to walk on their own two feet, so to speak.

    The second is a combination of the above, and some typical Bbq spices...hmm, maybe call it Sicilian Bbq? Naw, I wouldn't have a clue what goes into authentic Sicilian food...anyway, here it is:

    1 Tbs Oregano flakes

    1 Tbs Sweet Basil flakes

    1 Tbs garlic powder

    2 tsp ground black pepper

    1 Tbs Spanish Paprika powder

    2 tsp Chili powder

    2 Tbs Kosher Salt

    I started with a 9.5 lb loin, cut it in two, rinsed it off and did a cross-hatch score of the fat-cap. Laying fat-cap down I tilted on one edge and applied the rub, then the flat side, the next edge, and finally on to the fat cap, which I left laying up to self baste the loin while it cooked. The above handling method allows for the least amount of handling of the rubbed meat, so as to keep the rub intact/undisturbed. Less handling also means less time and less risk of contamination.

    Here we go:


    Garlic & Herb rubbed:


    Bbq Herb rubbed:


    Into the Weber kettle for a quick ride...I'm shooting for the 275-300* temp range just beneathe the grate to the left of this pic, at about center between the loins and the kettle. It took about 30 minutes to get temps up and stable after dropping the loins in and closing the lid...I have the loins positioned with the thin end towards the kettle for lower heat exposure, and the cut end (heaviest) towards the center of the grate.



    I forgot to mention, I did use some mesquite lump for some smoke flavor along with Kingsford blue bag for firing the kettle.

    1 hour in and time to rotate the loins...I lifted each one and rotated it 180* and placed it back where it was, only moving the thin end towards the outside of the kettle so as to keep it from cooking too fast.



    I rotated the loins every 50-60 minutes as mentioned above until I decided they looked to be getting close to finish temps and stabbed a probe...one was 184*...oops...the other was 178*...crossed my fingers and grabbed a pan to pitch 'em onto and cover with foil for resting.

    Charcoal Briquette orientation with the under-sides of the loins...a bit fuzzy on the focus due to smoke/heat waves:


    Here we are, ready for a rest:




    Garlic & Herb goes under the knife first:




    I just LOVE this pic...starting to slice the "other" recipe for the "other" white meat:




    Tonight's entree:



    I expected a drier loin with the temps these ran up to before I caught them...incidentally, I blame that on all of you SMF members!!! LOL!! Really, I was here on the forums when the temps went beyond my liking, but I didn't stab them until I actually did the [​IMG]  and scrambled to get them off and foiled, so I guess it would be fair to share the blame with you....LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    They still were both very moist, tender, and the rubs were a nice twist from the ordinary. Heh, my wife used texting terminoligy to describe them tonight...TFG (translated: too efin good). I guess mine would be something along the lines of DFPL (translated: damn fine pork loin).

    Thanks for checking out my first in-direct burn on my Weber kettle..been fun as always!

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  2. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    Nice dinner you had, mm i havent smoked a loin yet, i need to after seeing your post.
  3. meateater

    meateater Legendary Pitmaster SMF Premier Member

    Nice job on the loins! [​IMG]I miss my indirect smokes after I got busted. [​IMG]
  4. bigal

    bigal Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Looks fantastic!  Which rub did you guys like better?  Have you ever brined a loin?  It looks STFU good to me![​IMG][​IMG]
  5. shooter1

    shooter1 Smoking Fanatic

    Excellent job on the loins Eric, they definitely look like they came out tender and juicy. I'm willing to shoulder a little of the blame for the temp spike for a slice or two. [​IMG]  Which one did you and your wife like best or was it a draw?
  6. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thanks, I'm sensing you have a long "to smoke" list already...don't feel bad, 'cause none of us will ever see the end of our list if we hang out here very often...[​IMG]...I gave up on lists, myself. I just go with the floooooooooooow, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby. Whatever is available, gets smoked, in whatever experimental project that may be peaking my interest at that particular moment in time. Well, sometimes I actually have to think about what I want to try with a particular cut of meat for a few days in advance, but for the most part, it's a spontaneous thing for me nowdays.

    As it reads next to my avatar......................heh-heh!

    Thanks, hey, I remember you posting about that...mas, what a bummer. I haven't had the displeasure of living in an apartment/condo setting for at least 16 years, and I don't miss that crap one bit. I wouldn't wish it on anyone either...that would be just way too cold-hearted of thing to do.

    Thanks Al! OK, the rub we liked better? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........they were both pretty darn good, but I actually liked the simplicity of the Garlic & Herb most, I think. It had a tanginess which really made my mouth water, but it didn't cover-up the loin or chargrilled flavors either...come to think of it, there was just a hint of mesquite from the lump, too...part of that tanginess may have been from the sea-salt...I haven't cooked with sea-salt for so long that I literally can't remember when it was, but I know there is a huge difference in the flavors of table (iodized), kosher and sea salts. I was looking on the label of the can of salt when I made this blend, and it didn't say what region it was from, just that it was imported......DUHHHH, I though to myself...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  USA sea salt??? Uh, what's the word which would accurately decribe this scenario...oh, here we go:   [​IMG]

    Really, I think it is a pretty close tie for 2nd place. My wife said that of the 2 slices on her plate, she tasted a bit of each, and decided to just stack them so when she cut a piece she'd get some of each and not have to decide which one she liked the most...[​IMG]

    As for brining, I've never had a fresh loin to work my magic with. They've all been cryovac packed...hmm, wonder what a fresh loin would cost around here...these were 5 bucks regular, sale was for 3/lb.

    Thanks, you know I was thinking about this earlier today at work...I caught the replies to this thread, but my Blackberry won't let me reply to existing threads. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that what saved my bacon...er, loin, was leaving the fat cap on and scoring with a cross hatch to aid in rendering it down for naturally basting the loin. For a 225* smoke, I normally would have trimmed most of the fat cap off and ran with a pretty humid smoke chamber...here, I was at the mercy of the kettle with no water pan, but the Weber hasn't failed me yet...I'm glad I left the fat cap on this time, or else dinner may have been singing a bit different tune than the sweet note I was hearing lastnight.

    I keep saying we need smoke deliveries through the PM's, so we can send out dinner to all of our friends...just never heard anything back from the mods or admin on that one yet...

    Yeah, the rubs were both pretty good, each having it's own unique profile and lending a nice touch to the lighter flavor of the loin...I think they'd both be lacking a lot of punch if used on a butt or picnic, though. Hmm, just a thought here, but I bet either of these rubs would be nice on loin backs or baby backs...mmm, I can almost taste it right now......OK, gotta get off that topic, I just finished dinner 10 minutes ago and I'm drooling!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least I got these two simple recipes posted to share with everyone...as unreliable as my computers have been lately, if I don't post a recipe here on the forums, then it will be gone forever........

    Thanks all!

  7. coacher72

    coacher72 Smoking Fanatic

    Really good looking loins. Before I got SFB smoker I used to do a lot of indirect smokes. Pork loins were my favorite. Thanks for sharing.
  8. smokeysooner

    smokeysooner Fire Starter

    looks great!  I am going to do this on my Weber soon, although I find a side-by-side setup works better for me when it comes to controlling temperatures.  When I have coals on both sides of the water/drip pan, I find that the temps run much higher on my Weber 22.5.

    I love the recipes!
  9. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    I think if you start with less charcoal for side-by-side, you'll get better results. On my weber 18.5 gold, the intake draft control is pretty tight, but allows the air to flow in evenly throughout when a pan is placed in the center. My pan was an old 9" x 9" metal cake pan. On the a 22.5", you probably will need more of the grate covered than a 9 x 9 so you can use less coals and still cover the grate. Possibly using a baffle on each side like a 2" wide piece of steel strap on each side of the pan would do the trick. That should give a good enough air flow to your coals when you choke it way down for a low fire...I had my intake just barely cracked open, maybe 1/8" or so, and the lid fully opened and I was able to run with only two additions of hot coals (6-8 per side) during this high temp smoke/roasting session.

  10. sqwib

    sqwib Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Awesome looking loins

    Great Tutorial, thanks for sharing
  11. jirodriguez

    jirodriguez Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Man those look super tastey!
  12. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    Another one of your typically great posts Eric !!!!!

  13. Very nice sir!
  14. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thanks fellas, that was one fun cooking session, as I recall...and the eats were more than a couple notches above any restaraunt I've been to lately. It's difficult at best to find a good eatery around my area where the chef's and servers actually seem to take pride in what they do. Come to think of it, I haven't seen roasted loin on the menu anywhere here...too bad, 'cause they'd sell tons of it if they did it right.

    Man, Dtcunni brought this one back from a little while ago. I had to look through it again and it was just like it happened yesterday, but long enough ago that I forgot the bib and key board cover...LOL!!!

    I gotta grab another whole loin soon and smoke 'em...it's been awhile...should fit just about perfectly in my Gourmet, and I have the two grates about 4" apart, so there'd be enough room to stack 'em instead of doing it side-by-side. I could toss the whole loin into the SV24 gasser, but that's too easy for me...ha-ha!

    Anyway, I have had my share of great food come off the weber kettle...one of my most prized cookers in my arsenal.