I need to apolagize

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Mar 18, 2006
I am sorry that I have not been very active lately.

As most of you know, my work schedule changed about 6 months or so ago. That meant working more weekends both days and midnights. Well, another one turned in his notice yesterday, so that means the weekends will be coming a little sooner. My midnights are this weekend again.

If you need me, just send me a pm, or email, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I do check my email or try to at least once a day. The rest, well, maybe once a week or so.

Hope to be back full steam maybe by November.

By the way, anybody doing HVAC need a job????

Know exactly where you are, Bro! Your biz is the summer and mine is the winter! Hang in there!

Don't apologize for plying your trade. You have to make the money when you can.
I just came off a year of 60/60/50 shifts prior to finding this site and getting into smokin. I view this as my reward for that busy year, and it could start up again any time.
Just take some time for yourself when you get a chance.
At least now I understand why you're grumpy ... hang in there!
it's no big deal, heck I've not actually fired up my smoker for just about a month now since trying to get the garden built and now dealing with getting the pool up and running (of which I had to tear the dang pump apart to un-seize the stupid motor today....what a pain)...........
Yep... what he said... Life happens every day... see ya when you are here... hurry back when you can.

Keep Smokin
Yep, have to agree with all. Summertime, Gatherings, Comps and just regular old life...mind you I'm not complaining..

Just take it in stride and know that this place is here when you get the free time to enjoy it.
Everyone else can be nice, I'm not gonna.
Get your S___ straight and keep us happy! What the ____ is wrong with you! We have needs/help that is needed from you.

Ok, enough. Just keep in touch. Doesn't have to be Q related, it's just good to hear from you and many of the other guys/gals that have been on the site for quite a while. Alot of newbies here anymore and some of the site members that have been here longer are slipp'n away. I don't want to see that happen, down fall of the site for me.

Bust your a$$ now so you can "rest" later in life.

Take care
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