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Original poster
Jun 12, 2006
Western Wisconsin
Hi everyone -
I am new to the world of smoking meat and I'm ready to learn! I recently bought a Char-Griller with a side fire-box and I've used it twice now - my first attempt was spare ribs, and yesterday I did some turkey legs and some thick pork chops. I have already figured out that the thermometer on the Char-Griller is really inaccurate, which explains why my meat was a bit dry. I was smoking at a much highter temp than I thought. I'm researching remote probe thermometers now. I also have already figured out that maintaining even heat throughout the smoker is going to be a problem - I'm looking forward to trying some of the modifications I've seen described here on the site.

Next I'm going to try a pork butt (if I can find one to buy!). This is great site with lots of great info - Thanks!

Welcome aboard, Marty! Seems as if you like to tinker a bit. That is what makes good food great food! Keep at it and the family we have created here will be with yoiu every step of the way. Ask all the questions you have and share all your experiences with us both the successes and the flops. We all learn from each other's experience! Again..Welcome!
Thanks for the welcome, Monty! I do like to tinker - I'm an avid cook and I enjoy the challenge of mastering new techniques. Someday I hope to wow friends and family with my awesome smoking skills!

I want to smoke everything I can get my hands on. Here in Wisconsin I can get great big hunks of cheese from the local cheese factories (yes, we call them factories, although they are nothing of the sort) and I want to try smoking cheese soon. I also want to try fish - we have a very nice trout stream in my town, and although I don't fish, I have friends who do and they will give me trout to smoke.

I love my new hobby!

What part of Wisconsin are you?

Western, I know, but there is a great competition next month in Racine (yes, I know, Eastern) that might be something to check in on. I'm trying to go, as a visitor.

Welcome to SMF. Like Monty said, there is a lot of folks here that will be happy to help you along the way. Check out tulsajeffs' Smoking Basics Course, it is time will spent learning the basics-once you have an understanding of the basics and some practice time, your smoked foods will become the envy of your neighbors.
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