I couldn't stand it much longer - The snow is driving me crazy - It's been a long time!

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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)
Howdy Folks,

It's been a long time since I've smoked any meat, much less posted a smoke.  Here in northern New York State we are still up to our butts in snow.  A week ago we got 29 inches that we didn't need.  My back yard still has piles of snow over 5 feet high after I cleared the snow from the roofs ahead of the last storm which gave us rain instead of snow.  I think you can see the picnic table in the pic.


I decided that I would smoke some beef eye rounds for some Italian Beef sandwiches.  So I fired up the gasser with some oak chunks in the wood pan.  Before long I was smelling what I had only faintly rememberd from last year.  (It has been 5 months since either of the smokers were fired up.)


Here are the beauties a couple hours in.


Here is one just before slicing


The sauteed peppers and onions seasoned with salt, pepper, thyme, and oregano.


With melted mozzarella on a roll served with some leftover rice.


Man it was good!  I've been using up the pulled pork I did last fall all winter long, but it was nice to have some smoke in the air today.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Very nice....beef looks great on those sammies. Born and raised in NYC, living in Oregon now, and I gotta tell ya I don't miss the snow at all. But I do have to contend with hellacious wind and rain most of winter. Plan on smoking some pig tonight, wind be damned.
That sammie looks awesome Meowey. Isn't it funny how you get so relaxed & happy when you start smelling that smoker. Spring is right around the corner.
Man I was wondering what happened to you!  Glad to see you back and great looking post
Dang that sammie looks delicious. Good to see ya back. I know winter and glad to see it ending soon......I hope!
Great looking Q you have there.. Nice job.        I am in upstate new york also and yes this snow sucks i can't wait for green grass and sun
Good lookin chow. I don't miss the snow since I got back down South. South Dakota used to look like that when I was stationed there @ Ellsworth. Man it was cold for a Bama Boy.
Wow and I was just telling a guy at work how mild a winter we had here in Souther Lancaster County...... Glad you got a nice day to smoke it up! The beef looks good.
Glad you got to smoke and it looks very good, also glad I did not get that much snow this year, last year was enough to last me a lifetime :)
Good looking sammies. Glad you could smoke. Sometimes we just need that smoking fix. Now I'm hungry. Thanks for the pics.
Nice smoke!!  Damn you still got some SNOW!!!  Mine is just about all gone.. This has to be the worst winter for snow in over 10 years..  And COLD forget it.. No wonder were just starting to do some smoking again..  I'm gonna try and make up for lost time this summer :) 
Great looking chow!

 I am from a little south of Watertown.

In Atlanta since 75..moving to Fl  4/15..

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