I bought my MES to pretty much do one thing

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  1. And thus far, it's performing great.

    Snack sticks and whatever you call the flat jerky that comes out of the jerky cannon. Made 5# following most of Bear's timing scale. Came out fantastic. My only problem is I have 5 more pounds of meat cured and ready to go... Oh well, I needed a mental health day from work tomorrow.

    A few finished pics, sorry no prep shots

    They look so good, I don't want to cut them up to fit in the container

    After a couple mis-steps with the AMNPS, I think I figured it out with the MES. I had to light almost 1/2 a row, but once I did it chugged along strong. One question, how do I combat the grease drips onto the AMNPS?
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    these look great... just put a tent of aluminium over the AMNPS ...
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    They look awesome, would love your recipe as I haven't had a chance to try the flat jerky from my LEM cannon yet.

    As far as the grease drips, since the MES30 has a waterpan, I leave that in on the bottom most rack (filled with sand, covered in foil), and on that bottom most rack itself I wrap in foil, which will prevent any grease or condensation dripping onto and putting out the AMPNS.
  4. The recipe was a real basic one. I used a leftover peppered jerky kit from Cabela's, mixed it with about 3oz of Soy, 3oz of teriyaki sauce, and a splash of water. Used 5 pounds of 80/20 ground beef and let it sit in a bowl in the fridge overnight. Loaded it with the cannon then into the preheated smoker. The time schedule was:

    1.25 hours @ 120° with no smoke
    1.25 hours @ 130° with the AMNPS running (pit master pellets)
    1.25 hours @ 140° still going on AMNPS
    2 hours @ 160° still going on AMNPS
    2 hours @ 170° AMNPS was dying so I threw some pecan wood chips in the chip loader
    1.25 hours @ 190° reloaded the chips

    They looked good at this point but the temp was only 156° so I let them run another hour at 180° to finish them.

    Brought them in the house and rinsed the grease off under cold water. Blotted them dry with a paper towel and laid them back out on the racks to fully cool.

    They came out really good, the only change I'll make in the future will be to use a little leaner beef. There was quite a bit of grease with these. 90/10 or 93/7 might work a little better.

    The next batch is finishing up now. Pics coming soon.
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    How do you get a solid reading on the IT considering theres really nowhere to stick a probe in? (thats what she said)
  6. Used my Thermapen to check one on each rack. It probably wasn't the greatest way to do it but it worked. I just kind of angled the tip of the pen in as best as I could.
  7. Batch #2 definitely had something change. The stuff I made yesterday had great taste. Today's batch looks good and texture is great but the taste is pratically non-existent. It tastes basically like your eating a plain hamburger. This batch was supposed to be hickory flavored. The few pieces I tried are basically tasteless. Even the smoke flavor didn't seem to make into this batch?

    Oh well, maybe I can sprinkle some rub on them while they are still warm and throw them in the dehydrator to try to get some flavor.
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    I detest guys like you. You have all that delicious-looking jerky to smell and eat and I don't. That all looks to me like long strips of perfectly-cooked/smoked bacon.

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