Venison Backstrap Dried Beef. #2

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    Venison Backstrap Dried Beef #2

    NOTE: I don't know how I missed posting this one until now.
    It might have been around one of our Hospital stays.
    This one was never posted on SMF before, but it is going to end up in my Step by Step Index.

    I had these Backstraps in my Meat Freezer for nearly a year, and I was running out of Dried Beef, so let’s get her done!!
    Again it was just a Small Doe that my Son got, so there isn’t going to be very much, but every little bit helps, and it tastes Great !!

    Day #1 (Prepping & Curing):
    Thaw, Rinse, Dry——4pieces-----Total 3 pounds 10 ounces.
    These were cut to fit in One Gallon Zip-locks, so we weigh the meat, and measure proper amount of TQ for each piece.
    Rub 1/2 ounce of TQ and 1 TBS of Brown Sugar per pound of meat, and put in Zip-Locks.
    Be sure to pick up any TQ that fell off before going into bag, and put it in the bag with the meat it fell off of. That will keep the proper amount of TQ per pound in the bags.
    These pieces were only about 1 1/4” at the thickest point, so I only put them in my curing fridge for 7 days @ 37*--38*. I also flip the packages over & press down on them every afternoon. Now I add another 3 days to the curing time, because solid meat like Dried Beef takes longer to cure to center than fatty meat like Bacon. So these would get 10 days in cure.
    Note: I Never cure for less than 7 days.

    Day #10 (Prep for Smoking):
    Remove pieces from bags & rinse them off. I didn’t bother soaking to remove the surface salt on these, because the last ones I did had no salt flavor at all.
    I made a cut in the middle of the thickest piece to check that the cure got to center, and it was obvious that the 7 days was more than enough time in Cure.
    I skipped the Salt fry test, because like I said earlier, I had no salt flavor at all last time.
    Dry pieces & sprinkle with CBP, Garlic powder, and Onion powder.
    Put all pieces in fridge uncovered over night to start pellicle.

    Day #11 (Smoking Time):
    7:30—-———---—-Pre-heat MES 40 to 140°.
    8:00----------------Put rack with meat in 3rd position (of 6 position smoker) in MES 40, without smoke. Also Fill AMNS with Hickory Sawdust, and light one end.
    8:30----------------Put Well lit AMNS on left side of bottom rack of MES.
    11:00--------------Insert Maverick meat probe in thickest piece. Internal Temp is 122°.
    11:30———-—-----Bump Heat to 170°.
    12:00--------------Internal Temp is 136°.
    1:00----------------Internal Temp is 142°.
    2:00----------------Internal Temp is 144°. Bump to 190°
    3:00----------------Internal Temp is 156°.
    3:30————----—-Internal Temp is 162°. Kill heat, but leave AMNS in.*
    4:30----------------Internal Temp is 162°.
    5:00——---———--Remove Pieces. Internal temps ranged from 158° to 165°.

    Allow to cool to about 100°, Wrap in plastic wrap & put in fridge for 2 days.
    Put in freezer for 4 hours before slicing, and then slice very thin, across grain.

    Eat some----Freeze the rest in Vacuum sealed bags.

    This stuff is Awesome, and could not tell it from Beef Dried Beef.

    Note: You don’t get much from a small Doe’s Backstraps:
    Started with 3 Lb 10 Oz.
    Finished with 2 Lb 10 Oz.

    Enjoy the Pics,

    Pieces of Backstrap from a Small Whitetail Doe:

    Cure & Brown Sugar applied, and ready for Fridge:

    Thickest piece sliced open, with the deep red all the way through center shows curing complete after 7 Days in cure.
    Curing longer would be fine, but not necessary:

    Pieces seasoned and ready for Smoker:

    AMNS loaded with Hickory Dust & one end lit:

    Everything inside ready to go:

    Mavericks ready to go & Clothes pins holding cables in place:

    Trees are Golden again:

    More Golden leaves over my Son’s Pole Barn Shop:

    One of the good things about the glass door—I can see the dust has burned past halfway in the second row without opening the door, and I can see my Temp probes:

    Heat turned off, but AMNS left in for awhile yet—Never too much TBS:

    Ready to wrap for the 2 day rest in the Fridge:

    Ready for 2 day Fridge rest:

    After 2 days in Fridge & 4 hours in Freezer, ready to slice:

    Plate of Venison Dried Beef, and a Bowl of End Trimmings for my Son:

    Closer look at plate of Venison Dried Beef:

    My Son gets all these Trimmings—He goes Nuts over them——Says “Best Jerky Ever!!”

    All wrapped for Fridge & Freezer. Sure isn’t much!!
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  2. SmokinAl

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    Another great thread Bear!
    It really looks delicious!
  3. GaryHibbert

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    Excellent John!!! Great step-by-step and good looking food.
    I'll probably be away hauling logs and miss deer season again this year, but if I do luck out I'm definitely going to try this.
  4. idahopz

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    That looks great Bear; I just remembered that I have a single piece of back strap in the freezer
  5. browneyesvictim

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    That looks so tasty! I always thought Backstrap is the best part of the deer cut as steaks in my opinion. But after seeing this, I think I might have just been enlightened!

    Just cure and brown sugar in your brine? No salt?
  6. bearcarver

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    Thank You Al !!


    Thank You Gary!!


    Thank You Browneyes!!
    I would rather have Beef Steak than Deer Steak, but Venison Dried Beef is as good as Beef, and much cheaper.
    The Tender Quick already has some salt in it---Just the right amount for Bacon. IMHO.
    I only have to add a little more when I use it in Ground Meat.


    And Thanks for the "Likes" from Al, Gary, Browneyes and Jeff.

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  7. browneyesvictim

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    DOH! I totally missed the brown sugar was in addition to the TQ! Of course.
  8. WaterinHoleBrew

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    Nice thread Bear, that VDB looks very tasty! I really need to make some more of this, the flavor is awesome. I agree with Bear Jr on the trimmings!
  9. tropics

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    Bear Thank You for the step by step I use it for doing my dried beef (call me Deer less no more hunting property :()
  10. bearcarver

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    Thank You Gary!
    And for the "Like"

  11. tropics

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    :confused: Gary You must have me mixed up LOL Reply #10
  12. bearcarver

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    OOOps, Sorry Richie!!
    I was thinking it was Gary who had the deer hunting property loss.
    And my eyes are getting tired from replacing Hundreds of Pictures, especially my Left one!
    So Thanks Richie !!
    And for the "Like".

  13. bearcarver

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    Thank You Justin!!
    And for the "Like".

  14. griz400

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    Another homerun bear .. you knocked it out the park again ... points to you ......:cool:
  15. bassman

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    Looks great John! I'll be trying this as soon as the boy gets another elk or a deer.
  16. tallbm

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    Looks great! What do you primarily do with the meat. Sandwiches or throw into some kind of dish?
  17. bearcarver

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    90% of my Dried Beef goes to Sammies:
    Two slices of fresh Italian Bread, Miracle Whip (or Mayo if you like it more bland).
    Then some Dried Beef & a couple slices of American Cheese.
    Used to have two Sammies like this every day in my lunch for 3 months after getting a Deer.

    I try not to eat it just by itself, because it goes too fast.
    And Thanks for the "Like".

  18. dirtsailor2003

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    WoW! Wish we'd got some venison first hunt. Luckily my hunting buddy has one more chance. I may have to see if he'll be willing to give up a hunk of backstrap to try this!
  19. Mmmm Tasty looking, great job, pics and tutorial


  20. bearcarver

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    Thank You Keith!


    Thank You Case!
    And Thanks for the "Like".


    Thank You Gary!
    And for the "Like".


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