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diy smoker

  1. Dieseltech86

    Firebox Intake?

    I have been reading threads for awhile now and was given an opportunity to DIY my very own legit smoker. I'm in the home stretch and trying to decide on my fire box intake. It seems that I have had very good test runs with just cracking the door but I have children and think it'll be a bit...
  2. C

    Building a Smoker

    So I am building a smoker out of an old wood stove and piping the smoke to the 4 x 4 x 4 smokehouse. The stove will be about 14x12x20, should I go with a 6" pipe or a 4" pipe to the chamber??
  3. P

    Feedback or guidance on my DIY cold smoker

    Hello! I built my first wooden cold smoking box, and I'd appreciate some guidance on next steps. Currently my smoke source is the Amaze'n Pellet Tube, and the smoke vents out of the gap above the door. Eventually I'd like to get to a full setup with smoke generated externally and piped into the...
  4. C

    Best Recycled Items for Building a Firebox?

    Hello, I'm new here and excited to join the forum. What are some of the best recycled items you've seen used to build a firebox for a standard offset smoker?
  5. Jonathan Rousseau

    DIY wooden smoker tips

    Hi, I'm currently planning to build my first wooden smoker. I have a few questions about it. 1. Some people told me I can't hot smoke in a wood smoker. Is this true? Is my smoker going to burn? 2. What type of wood should I use? Spinet is cheap here. Some people told me theirs in made of...
  6. T

    First Smoker Build - Holding Cabinets to DIY Electric Smokers?

    Hi all, I recently picked up two used Cres Cor aluminized steel holding/proofing cabinets-- they were supposed to come with the heating element and control box at the bottom, but after I had already paid for them and when I came to pick them up, guess what? No heat box. Also, they had been...
  7. S

    Hello, From S,W Missouri

    Scott Holt Dogwood, Mo
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