temperature controller

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  1. J

    hot smoked salmon

    I smoked a whole salmon yesterday on my bubba grills offset. I followed this recipe. I've never smoked salmon and I discovered it's a messy, expensive thing to prepare. I filleted and then cut up the 20 pound fish into one pound chunks. I brined those for about 8 hours. I rinsed well, then let...
  2. bbqchris52

    BBQ Guru Fan Placement

    Hey guys! I just bought an Oklahoma Joe bandera smoker and am in the process of making all of my modifications before seasoning it. I have a BBQ guru with a pit bull fan that I use on my Oklahoma joe longhorn. However, I am having trouble deciding where I should drill into the firebox on my new...
  3. S

    Auto-Temperature Control MPS

    I have a 2 rack Sportsman Elite MPS that I have added a BBQGuys gasket and a Bayou Classic 10 psi needle valve regulator. Are there any auto regulating thermostats that can be used for this type of smoker? Not to be lazy but it would be awesome if I can use probe temps and feed that to a...
  4. banjo

    Temperature Controller Build - any interest?

    I'm thinking about building my own controller. It will consist of the following elements: It would be primarily aimed at pellet smokers since the control of the pellet supply would be possible. However, control of inlet air dampers for items such as Big Green Egg, or other smoker that has a...
  5. banjo

    Pit-Boss 820D Temperature Control Using Factory Controller

    Factory Temperature Controller for 200, 225, 250, 300, 350 dF. Note: Themocouples are type K, and were calibrated against boiling water, adjusted for altitude, and are within 2 dF of that value. Note: no meat on racks during these tests. Note: Charts at bottom of this post. Note: If anyone is...
  6. banjo

    Pit-Boss 820D: Temperature Controller

    NOTE: THIS THREAD HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THIS THREAD, WHICH HAS ALL 8 P SETTINGS CHARTED: https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/temp-time-charts-p0-p7-for-my-pit-boss-820d.276325/ NOTE: There is a temperature chart at bottom. I've taken a break from my other items I had posted last month...