Honey Glazed Teriyaki Injected Wings with Qview and Video

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by wingman, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. wingman

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    After smoking the injected buffalo wings the other day my family wanted more. This time I played around with a different Teriyaki. I like Yoshida's but it can be on the sweet side and wouldn't make a great injection. I do love the flavor though. Kokkimon teriyaki can be on the salty side. I played around with mixing different things together to tame the sweet of Yoshida's and the salt of Kokkimon. While I was doing this I was enjoying a cold class of diet cherry Dr. Pepper and that’s when it hit me. It took me three attempts at getting the ratio's correct but the outcome was a very tasty injection.

    1/2 Cup Yoshida's
    1/2 Cup Cherry Dr. Pepper
    1 Tbsp Kokkimon teriyaki
    1 Tsp ground ginger

    Honey glaze
    1/2 Cup hot apple juice
    1/4 Cup honey

    I injected the wings and i mean I loaded them up. spiced them with Jack's Old South Original rub and smoked them in my Traeger Texas low and slow 230 degrees with hickory pellets. AT 150 degrees I started mopping them with the honey glaze. End result was an amazing batch of wings. The injection was subtle as it should be without a strong salty taste or too sweet. The honey glaze made for a thin sweet sticky glaze that was amazing. This got me wondering what a pork butt would taste like injected with cherry Dr. Pepper and misted with it as well.
    Here is my step by step video (Shot in HD)

    Qview to prove it happened!

  2. rbranstner

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    Looks great again. We will have to start calling you the "Wing King"! I have heard of people injecting pork butts with DR. Pepper and Coke and it worked great. I have been wanting to try it myself.
  3. northern greenhorn

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    I love wings, so that's a cool idea w/ the dr. pepper. I use it when I make a ham glaze.
  4. wingman

    wingman Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Ok, I cant handle it any more. Now I'm off to Costco to pick up a couple pork butts to inject with cherry Dr. Pepper. I havn't done pork butts in a couple weeks so I'm due. It just sounds too good to pass up. I'll pepe them this evening and smoke them tomorrow early. Thanks for fueling my fire rbranstner. [​IMG]
  5. brohnson

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    Very nice, I'll have to try these in the near future!! :)

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