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Homemade pizzas on weber grill no pizza stone needed


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Woke up early this morning and was cruising the Pizza threads while sipping coffee. I decided to share our families process for homemade pizza's on a weber grill. We enjoy the process and finished product as a family. Friends of ours have a pizza oven which is awesome but our "average Joe" way isn't that far behind. This particular pizza night was in late July.

"We" make our own dough which really means my lovely wife handles that part. There are a lot of recipes out there, we have settled on one. See pictures and notice we have tried doubling and tripling it for bigger get togethers.
Dough Recipe.jpg

Get a full chimney of kingsford going and let get to where the fire is just coming out of the top. I don't want the hottest moments of the fire to be at the first, I want it to keep getting hotter after dumping the coals. I typically have some unlit coals in the bottom that I dump the chimney on as well. I try to keep all the coals on one side of the grill.

While the coals are getting hot, we are also rolling out the dough. For the first step, we roll it out to individual pizza size, poke holes so no air bubbles, and add some oil to one side. Then out to the grill for the first round of cooking. I place the dough directly on the grate oil side down. I can do two pizza's at a time. The first round takes about a minute or so depending on temp. I place the dough directly above the coals. See pics. After a minute or so, I remove them and back in the house for final assembly. I usually pull these before any charring. The second round of cooking is my chance to set the "crispiness" level.

At this point, I man the grill and the family makes pizzas. I'll grill the next two doughs while the kids get the toppings on the ones I just removed from the grill. They put the toppings on the cooked side. Once all the dough has been cooked on one side, I'll start with round two. We are a family of four and usually end up with 5 or 6 pizzas depending on size.

I want the grill to be as hot as possible at this point. Again, I'll cook two at a time but this time start with them on the opposite side of the coals. The toppings need time to cook without completely charring the crust. It is varies by attempt by usually 3 minutes or so. Then I move them over to finish up directly above the coals. Not long for the daughters and a bit more for mine as I like it a little crispy. Once the first two are complete, I do the next two. My daughter adds my toppings because I don't leave the grill during this process but everyone else gets to make their own. My wife like the pesto one shown in the picture and since we have at least 5 pizzas it is usually an appetizer. My son complains that there isn't leftovers. We have tried making more than 5-6 but it gets a bit cumbersome and the first pizzas start to get cold before the last ones get cooked. I like to eat as a family so we have the best results with 5-6 pizzas at a time. We must of had leftover ham as that isn't usually a topping for us. My daughter likes cheese only. My son like sausage and pepperoni with one tomato in the middle.

I use the pampered chef jumbo BBQ turner to remove the pizzas. This was a gift from the wife years ago. A brief google search indicates this isn't a thing anymore and I could sell mine on ebay for a 20 bucks. I will not be doing that! I use my hands to place the dough on the grate for the first round of cooking. You kind of lay it on there as the dough has no structure at that point. I use the turner to place the pizzas on the grate for the 2nd round of cooking although you could do that with your hands as well. You will need to get them off with something but a regular flipper will probably work or you could potentially use two and attack it from two sides.

Ready to cook.jpg
Ready to cook.jpg
Dough Cooking.jpg
First Side Done.jpg
Toppings Ready to  Cook.jpg
Cooking Pizzas.jpg
Finished Product.jpg

Jumbo Flipper.jpg


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Looks great . I've done a few that way . Makes a great pizza . Nice work .


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They look really good! I like the idea of par cooking the crust. Sounds like a great family pizza night.

Nice job


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Those look awesome.
I gotta try on my kettle.


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Your pizzas look great!

Mrs ~t~ blind bakes crusts too. You might know this, but they freeze really well. This way, you can have a pizza ready to grill in about 15 minutes.


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Wow! What a great post! I learned a lot! Big like!


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Good looking pizzas!
Can’t beat that homemade dough!
Nicely done!!


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MMMmmm---Looks Great from My House!!


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