hi mtn jerky

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Jul 3, 2005
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hi all

no one posted on here yet so i thought i would start something going i like to use hi mountian jerky season when i make jerky i use a lot of ground deer and elk meat for my jerky but i have used ground beef and turky that you can buy at the grocery store you can purchase a jerky seasoning pack from hi mtn jerky supply that will be enough to make 15 pounds of jerky or it has directions for making it one pound at a time i use the jerky cannon i purchased from LEM products for this it makes your jerky in nice uniform 3/4 inch pieces as long as your rack will hold

now for making jerky i mix the season and cure to some cold water mix well put meat in a bowl add seasoning and mix well put in the refridge over nite the next day i fill the jerky cannon which holds around a pound and a half of meat it squirts the meat out on my rack for the smoker and then i put in the smoker at 190 degrees for around 4-5 hours checking now and then till it is done included in the kit are instructions for doing whole mussle meat as well it all turns out real good
you guys have fun
yo salmon clubber dude,

i have never made jerky.
i have popeils dehydrater with instructions for jerky.
this got me curios.------
my best friend harry loves jerky.
i love smoking meats.
maybe we will do it one day.

about how much is a jerky cannon??

to what internal temperature do you take the jerky to??

i luv this place!
We have used a similar product that I bought for my kids to make their own jerky becuase they love it. I think the kit was only $10-$15 and makes 5 one pound batches. It uses lean hamburger and seasoning & cure packets.


Larry, just a quick note about the Popeil Dehydrator. It is a fine product but needs a lot of babysitting for jerky. From the quarter turn on the trays to tray rotation (different for five and seven tray setups) and the fact of the vent settings for optimum performance. Also, even at seven trays your available space is limited. And it takes a long time for that bit of product. (As much as 12 plus hours!)
Check out American Harvest products or the Excalibur Dehydrator for some serious jerky production. They are both fan driven and offer some serious options. My love of gardening drove me into an Excalibur. Of course plain ole smokin' RULES!
Yes! This place is great!
Hey guys,
I just had to chim in on this one. I make a ton of jerky, usually beef, deer and recently chicken. I'm going to give goose a try next week. I really prefer to use whole muscle verses ground. To begin with I can get a much higher quality jerky from whole muscle and the small trimmings get ground up for snack sticks or bologna. I have tried High Mountain and various other mixes but to be honest I get many more requests for my personal recipe. I had always used a dehydrator until I purchased my smoker, but let me tell you that after the first batch or two in the smoker I gave my dehydrator to my brother. I usually run the smoker at 190 to 200 degrees and normally it's smoked to perfection in 3 hours. Just until cracks but is not brittle. Quick easy and absolutely delicious.

Mike, I am with your on this one! A neighbor smokes jerky and once I tried his product my dehydrator was for veggies and herbs only. He doesn't do the computer thingy so you will not see him in this forum but he has helped me get started.
BTW, really like your tag line!
I've got to agree with Mike and Srmonty on this one. I've had a dehydrator for several years before I got into smoking. I've turned out some decent jerkey in the dehydrator, but ever since I discovered the wonders of smoking meats, I must say that the smoker rules, hands down, when it comes to jerkey! I love the flavor that smoking adds to the meat and the fact that I can turn out larger quantities in my GOSM than I can in the dehydrator.

I prefer whole muscle, personally. I just like the texture better than I do the ground meat, but I'm sure those who prefer the jerkey cannon method can produce very tasty results as well.

My dehydrator is now used primarily to dry peppers, herbs and other veggies from my garden.

My kids are bugging me to make some jerky and since I'm off this week I guess I ought to do something productive. :D I have a box of Hi Mtn. hickory jerky mix that I'm going to use.

Hey Mike-want to share your jerky recipe?
Hey, Dutch, if you plan on using muscle meat and not ground check out the teriyaki variation I posted in the marinades section. I have never experimented with ground meat, that's next with teriyaki sausage. You only have to marinate the sliced muscle meat about 30 minutes, 15 is almost sufficient, in the teriyaki marinade and I think you'll like it!
Best O' Luck!
Hey Dutch,
Sorry I got back to you so late,I'm on nights this week and then a couple of us hit the shooting range for an hour or so to wind down. I'd be glad to share the recipe with you. I like to stick to simple basic recipies. This one is soy based.
This is per 3lbs of meat.

3 lbs of very lean meat
1 cup of Soy Sauce
1/2 cup worcestershire Sauce
1/2 Cup DARK brown sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Black Pepper
1/2 Teaspoon White Pepper
1/2 Teaspoon Liquid Smoke.

This recipe is not a hot or peppery recipe, it's slightly sweet but really good. If you like pepper by all means add more.

I find that I can hang about 5 lbs of strips on sticks at a time in the GOSM. There are a couple of little tricks that'll make the Jerky much better. First I like to set the slicer to slice them about 1/8 inch thick. Then I marinade the jerky for 24 hrs. in quart Mason jars and VACUUM seal the jars. Put about 2 lbs per jar, don't pack the meat to tightly. Sealing the jars makes a major difference. When I'm ready to smoke the jerky I don't preheat the GOSM, this gives the meat a little time to dry before the smoke starts. It is also very important not to let the temperature get too high, I shoot for right around 190 to 200 degrees and by all means do not smoke it until it's too dry. Just till it cracks NOT till it's brittle. I found that if the temp is too high or especially if it's smoked too long until it's brittle it developes an off taste. I like to use a little hickory and a briquette or two of kingsford Charcoal for smoke. After the jerky is finished I take it out and allow it to cool on trays for about 2 or 3 hours. Then I put it into freezer bags, leave the bags open and put it into the fridge. You will get considerable condensation in the bags. This does not make the jerky soft or hurt it one bit, in fact it really enhances the flavor and the jerky is still tough in texture. One thing I should tell you is that for some reason this jerky doesn't really develope it's full flavor until it's at least a day or two old.
Well there it is, if you decide to try it let me know how you like it. I'm always alittle nervous about giving out recipies. I do know That we really like it around here.

Have a good day.

I'm ashamed of myself. I must apologize for a statement I made in an earlier post. I made the statement that I get a much higher quality jerky using whole muscle verses ground. After I read what I wrote I thought man that sounded like a real snooty remark. I really didn't mean it the way it's written. What I was trying to say was that my family and I prefer the texture of whole muscle jerky to ground meat jerky. I truely hope I didn't offend the folks here that make jerky using ground meat, I'm quite sure they make a very high quality and delicious jerky. Please forgive me for my stupidity. Open mouth insert foot, that's me. (foot in mouth doesn't taste good, not even smoked)

hi mike

hey dont apoligize here no need we all know people like different things i make both kinds of jerky using whole mussle and ground meat jerky they all turn out great i have been acoused of smoking up a pretty tasty boot a few times myself by a few freands who have tried my jerky besides you need to try a whole lot harder if you are going to offend me well you take care and have fun bye for now

I wholeheartedly agree with salmonclubber. You stated your preference and we are each entitled to like what we like. It didn't come off wrong on my end at all.
In fact, it is our differences that make each day a learning experience. Thanks for sharing your view and that recipe. 8)
Hey Mike,

No harm, no foul. Your remark didn't seem snooty to me at all. Personal preference is a good thing, and sharing our individual experiences is what this forum is all about. Besides, while I prefer whole muscle jerkey too, I gotta tell ya that Bob's pictures sure set my mouth a' waterin'...

Thanks for sharing your recipe, too. It sounds pretty tasty, and I think I'll give it a try sometime soon.

Thanks for the recipe Mike. It sounds like we share another hobby besides smoking meat. I like to smoke up the shooting range too. In fact I have a quarterly qualification coming up the first week of Dec. Well that will be another day shot :D - the only consolation is that it will be overtime.
Hey all,
Thanks for being so understanding. Well a guy from work brought me 5 lbs of goose breasts. I'm gonna give the goose jerky a try next week. I'll let you all know how it turns out. Has anyone here every tried making it?

I can't say that I've ever tried goos jerkey before, but it sounds interesting. I can't wait to hear about the results. Please be sure to let us know!

Hey Bob,

Unless I missed something, do you have a recipe for the ground jerky? I see you mentioned a kit, was it the High Mtn Cure or something else?

Is that a cookie shooter you use?

I only ask, because the jerky I've had is sliced from the rump roast, but I have a POS meat slicer that takes about 2 hours to clean.

The thought of a quicker method (oxymoron when making jerky, I know) or easier clean up, might be worth a try.
Update on Goose Jerky.

Finished the Goose jerky on Saturday. The texture of the meat seems to lend itself well to making jerky, very similar to beef. Much better that other poultry. I smoked it with Hickory for about 3 hours. The jerky came out very good if you like the flavor of Goose.

Chi-Bill, I like to use a rump roast for making jerky too. I'll let you in on an old meat cutters trick for hand slicing raw meat. Just plop that roast onto a plastic cutting board and put it in the freezer till it's almost frozen*.

When you're ready to slice the meat, cut the roast into slabs the width that you want your jerky to be then lay the slab flat and cut it into strips the thickness that you want.

*You can also use a cookie sheet but first put a peice of plastic wrap or parchment paper between the roast and the cookie sheet. This is to prevent the meat from freezing to the metal.

The Jerky gun or shooter is like a cookie shooter with a 3/4 inch wide X 1/8 - 1/4 inch thick slot in the nozzle.
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