Hi Gang

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Smoking Fanatic
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May 18, 2008
East Ohio, Uhrichsville, Ohio
I thought I'd stop in and say hi.  I haven't been around for awhile. I've just been toooo aggrivated bout gettin laid off again.  It's takin it's tool on me. Just haven't felt like doin crap.  

Honestly, I think I am goin to head out of Ohio.  My st-daughter lives in Flag Arizona and she's been buggin the crap out of us to come out there to live. 



Sorry to hear that Ray!!!

Good to see you anyway!

As long as you got your health, you can come back!

Man the midwest has been hit hard by this job crap.  Hope the best for you and your family.
Good to see ya. Hope everything works out for you
I know how your feeling, my son is in Indy & has been out of work since Christmas. Hope it all works out for you.
Hi Ray

Man I am so sorry to hear that you are going thru this after all you have been thru - My heart goes out to you my friend

If you need to chat to get stuff off your chest, send me a PM and we can chat
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Sorry to hear it, Silverwolf.  I was wondering why you hadn't posted.  I hope things work out for you.
hey ray, i feel ya! i just started working after 15 months of unemployment........first time i've ever been out of work. i'm not where i want to be but it's a start. the hardest part for me was to stay positive when ya feel there is nuthin to stay positive about. all i can ay in hang in there and keep fightin the fight! if ya need to come to AZ then it's what ya gotta do..........i will say that jobs here are not that easy to comeby in some industries but some are coming back quicker than others so you might want to take a look at that before making the move. what ever happens keep positive and don't stop knocking pounding on doors. take care........
Thanks gang.  The problem I have with relocating and being laid off is the money thing as usual. Well and the fact that my parents are really gettin up there in age. I'm 54 and I've accumulated things that I don't want to part with.  In other words, I don't want to have to sell this stuff and have to start over. Other than that, I'd be gone. My st-daughter in Flag is still buggin the crap outta us to head out there. 

Thanks again gang,


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