Hey Now ! From Napa, CA

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Feb 7, 2014
Napa CA
My name is Eric and I like smoked anything. My very first out door cooking implement was a Thermos gas grill. Ya, I know Boo ! HIss ! but I still use it when I want to fire up some braughts or sausages. About 10 years ago I got a Weber 22" kettle and my favorite is a Brinkmann 2 door square smoker.

I had a summer in February BBQ in late Feb. I sent out the Evite when it was in the mid 70s in January. Unseasonably warm for these parts. Ironicly it rained.

I stumbled into this forum looking for traditional kalua pulled pork from a smoker and found a whole world of tips and tricks for my favorite pass time. Actually I'm mostly on the eating side as a buddy of mine smokes a lot of ribs and has a blog. "Rex's rib review" if anybody cares.

Any way I'm going to start having a lot more pork butt parties now that I've learned all these cool mods for my smoker.


I sent out the Evite to about 16 people thinking that maybe 10 would show up which is doable here being it's indoors because it's finally raining. Well all but one are going to show up. It should be interesting, fun but interesting. 
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The BBQ shin dig that started all of my Smokey madness was just over a month ago that I have spent a relatively sleepless night and was very punchy due to the self induced sleep deprivation all for the sake of good smoked pork butt.  

I have been doing relentles research ever since and I have put together a long range plan. I will have a UDS with a pellet hopper and a smoke generator. 

Today just I ordered from E bay a Treager styled pellet hopper from SmokeDaddyinc that I'm going to put on to my Brinkmann and build a smoke generator for that extra deep smoke ring and it's going to be real a real big one that will allow me some decent shut eye during those long smokes. You know the ones where you put it on at 8:PM for the next day. 

This will allow the princess within me to get my beauty sleep. It's been getting pretty ugly lately. I've seen more than my fare share of sunrises due to late night modifying, tweaking & experimenting on my Brinkmann two door vertical smoker. The other boxey looking ECB. The only thing else to do to it would be to insulate it with fire proof sheetrock. Not going to happen.

Part of my long range plan is to build the UDS and pirate the hopper and smoke generator from the Brinkmann and replace them with the Minion basket for the 5.5 to 6 HR smoke times. A vast improvement over the 1.5 coal tending and erratic temperature swings.

It has a different thermometer, larger water bowl. felt insulated door jams & a redesigned minion method made from an expanded metal coal basket. Next is going to be the hopper and smoke generator. 

During my research I have herd that using corn cob in the smoke generator will provide a sweetness to the smoke that is like nothing else. Next weeks mod's are probably the final stage to my Brinkmann. Then the UDS build begins but that's going to be on hold until my busy season winds down in October. Like I said,"long range"

Luv that smoke, 
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