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help/advice needed on smoking pork shoulder/butt


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wife just brought home a piece of pork wanting me to smoke it.  looks like whole front shoulder (hoof to shoulder) without ribs.  weighs about 14 lbs.  I have charbroil water smoker.  don't think it will fit in one piece.  should I cut it in two and smoke both side by side.  never done one this large.  1 hr per pound?  when to put on glaze (honey bourbon).  any and all advice is welcome.

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Definietly cut it.  You need to smoke to temp, not time.  Estimate an hour per pound plus time to rest.  Put a rub on it, some use yellow mustard first to help with adhesion of the rub (you can't taste the mustard when finished).  I have never used a glaze on a pork shoulder, always pull them and use a finishing suacse.  The glaze would go on towards the end of the smoke though, so you don't burn it.  You can smoke the lower leg.  some people just eat from it and others will use it to flavor a bean soup or similar.

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Welcome aboard!  Sounds like you may have a picnic cut?  If the hoof is attached, I'd cut it off.  Is the skin attached?  I'd remove the skin and score the fat heavily.  If it fits, smoke it to 180f internal then foil and take to 200ish to pull. 

if you need to cut it to fit.  Try to get the two pieces similar in size.  This makes timing and temp easier to manage.  Make sure no meat touches the sides of the smoker.

enjoy and good luck.  Go to the Roll Call section and intro yourself for the rest of the forum.  Again welcome aboard.


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First off are you going to slice it or pull it. If you are slicing I would cut the bone out and then smoke it. If you are pulliing it I would leave it whole and use the boine to help cook the meat. Then just smoke it to 190* for slicing and 205* for pulling. I just noticed that this is your first thread. So welcome Dave to SMF. you need to stop into Roll Call and intrduce yourself and we can give you the proper welcome that we klike to give new members. So just smoke you bird  I would recommand that you use a smoother wood like apple or maybe pear even alittle heavier wood like cherry. All would be good with a turkey.

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