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Discussion in 'New England Members Group' started by bobxyz, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. bobxyz

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    wanted to say hello
    I am Bob from Agawam Ma.
    I m very new to the smoking. I am starting out on the low
    end of smokers. I have an Oklahoma Joe's Highland.
    I didsome mods to it.
    sealed firebox
    Nomex gasket around doors (no leaks at all)
    lowered chimney and sealed
    1/8" stainless steel defuser plast
    1/8" stainless steel convetion plate
    made a simple 10x10x7 charcoal basket

    Smoked a chicken today for the first time and was very impressed

    I look forward to meeting you all.
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  2. bobxyz

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  3. lamar

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    Welcome aboard from Maine. Loads of information here. Search bar up top will answer almost any question you have.....if not.....just ask. Someone will have the answer.

    Nice looking smoker you have.......just needs some meat in it!

  4. bobxyz

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    Thanks Lamar  I appreciate it.

    I am smoking a chicken today for the first time.

    temps holding steady-even on both sides, running 225 degrees on both sides.

    went to Walmart on Black Friday and picked up another Oklahoma Joes on clearance for $100.00

    Made a diffuser plate and now in the process of making a charcoal basket.

    Sealed entire smoker with fire barrier RTV - ordered Nomex gasket of amazon for the door seals

    Added the Thermometers to cooking door

    Smoking my first chicken

    Bought Black Friday at Walmart on clearance for $100

    Now I have 2 Oklahoma Joes

    Made a diffuser plate for new smoker

    Working on making a charcoal basket for new grill

    New cover
  5. lamar

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    Now that's what I call planning. Now you can do twice as much smoking! The best addiction in the world.

    Mods look good........now get smoking!

    I sliced and froze bacon and Canadian bacon yesterday. Turned out good.
  6. Hello from southeastern ma. How have the smokers been treating you, any new additions?

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