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  1. Hey! I'm Will. I live in Virginia on the Chesapeake bay and I'm addicted to brisket. Well, ribs and Boston butts too...I couldn't walk away from whole hog or smoked sausage either. I'm just a fan of anything smoked I suppose. But my buddy and I were having a fairly in depth conversation about our love for brisket one night last fall and I got to wondering if I had the ability to smoke my own meats. So I got a small electric smoker and like that just fine(its hard to beat something that's easy to use and easy to clean). But that same buddy and I decided we were going to step our game up as he is a welder and I have access to oil tanks by virtue of my job. So we're about to begin building a real-deal smoker from a 275 gal. Oval tank set vertically using direct flow. I figured I had better get an account here as I'm sure we will need to call on the expertise of the many skilled veterans in this group from time to time. I also plan on sharing our build with you all.
  2. Hello Will, welcome to the site. help is here whenever you need it

    Gary S
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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    [​IMG]  Will!
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    Welcome Will. can't wait to see that smoker in the making sir. 

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