Hello from Utah

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Oct 19, 2016
Ogden Utah
Long time off and on smoker, have had a Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain Smoker for around 16 years that I use off and on when I get the hankering. A couple weeks ago I was luck enough to harvest 2 elk so I got the hankering to fire up the old smoker and make some jerky as well as summer sausage. Since it was my first time at summer sausage I hit the web for any tips and tricks I might want to know and this site keeps popping up in the searches so I figured I might as well join up and learn a little more about smoking.

Here is a pic of the Jalapeno Summer sausage with pepper jack cheese hanging in the smoker ready to go. Next time i'm going to try the water bath method I read about on this forum to finish it off as this batch took 16 hours to smoke and I let the temp run a little high to get it finished by 2 am.

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 from St George / Hurricane area of UT!  Great bunch here! Got a question, just ask, somebody probably has the answer!

Nice lookin pics of the Sausage! 
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