Heavy Metal

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Mar 28, 2021
No, Not talking about Black Sabbath, Ozzy, nor Judas Priest, (although I do like all these bands). I am talking about adding a large piece of iron inside the offset smoker to help regulate the swings of temperatures. I use a Oklahoma Joe's side smoker, not the cheapest nor the best, last couple of times I have placed a 6" black iron tee (weights probably about 15-20lbs,) seems to help. I was just wondering if anyone else has an opinion on this? Sorry I am not on a lot and haven't check too far to see if this topic has already been covered. Please excuse me if it had. I have I couple more Ideas, but I'll wait to see how much hell I catch over this before I bring them up. Thanks in advance.
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Mass will always help to maintain chamber temps as they hold a temp once heated up. I have a water pan in my OK joe offset and when it runs out of water, the temps start to swing a bit. That added mass always helps temps.
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Water is a great idea , I used water in the past, but for moisture, never considered the mass. What was I thinking?, or better yet, not thinking. Thanks for the reply.
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