Has Anyone Else Done This!?!

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Rafter H BBQ

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Jun 18, 2013
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Hey all, just curious if anyone else has had this happen?!? So, I am a creature of habit and have my schedule M-Thur. Wake up 2:50 AM to start the day, go thru the motions and generally get home at 5:45 PM.

Been working since before our Vegas trip and not paying attention to much else… an hour difference… no biggie! LOL

So, after the Vegas trip… get home and on regular shift… 5:30 AM…. work the weekend that is an hour later clock in at 6:30 AM.

Well, I have not been sleeping super great the last few days… Went into work at midnight for a training one night…. Was in training for my job the last two days which started at 7:30 AM, two hours after my “regular” day starts… clock in at 5:30 AM on a standard workday!

So, my internal clock is off!

Tonight, my wife goes to pick up our daughter… I doze off hard for an hour…

Wake up and it’s 7:55…. I freak my shit!! I AM LATE!!

I am UP, putting both legs thru the same pant leg… Scrambling to put my food in my lunch box… ALL the time thinking…. Damn it…

I am headed out the door… damn it… I will call my boss and explain I am having a bad morning…. He is awesome and will be cool with it… I am just mad at myself for being late!

I get to the door, my wife and daughter walk in and say…

What ya doing?

Then I realize… I had just had an hour nap… not late for work!

Damn… well I am awake now! 😂

We all had a laugh… now I’m trying to unwind again for the evening….

What a night…

Take care all!
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Oh yeah.. It happens to me quite often as I have a 1400 to 2200 Sun thru Thurs shift.
I have fallen asleep watching tv in the evening and woken up at dusk thinking it was dawnback when I worked AMs. That little guy at my control center hit every code 3 alarm there was. I've also gotten up late on my day off and panicked just like that only to find myself downstairs looking at the calendar on the counter (one of those Argyle Sweater day-at-a-time) in absolute confusion.
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Oh man, that sucks! I have had that happen a few times. The adrenaline dump sets you back a few hours🤣

Once I had the reverse happen though. After a few days of high stress and no sleep we had some down time and I was woken up with a swift kick 12 hours after crashing with my boots still on and was actually late!
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Did that this
morning. I have been working 7 days for a cpl months now. wife called my service phone to wake me this morning because she hadnt seen me leave on the cameras. I was sound asleep at 9 am ...... I said fk it and slept another 3 hours. I can only take so much.....
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I said fk it and slept another 3 hours. I can only take so much.....
Yup! If yer late, nothing's gonna change that. You might as well be late in style with a little extra shut-eye. Especially if you can go in on the backside of rush hour.
At the guard base, it was kind of a standing rule to bring donuts if your a little behind or offer to pick up food at first break. (0900 was our first break, but we all got take out with one runner picking up. Watching PIR at break has been a long tradition there. Lunch time came at 1130 and it was lights out nap time).
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A number of years ago When I used to work as an EMT for a transport ambulance company - I had this happen to me Got home from work and took an unexpected rare nap, woke up and thought I was late for work, Ran out to the living room, was aggressively coaching my son to get ready for school ( as I dropped him off on my way in )and then my ex-look at me going HUH? Its only 7:30PM, not AM.........
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Yeah with the time change it has messed me up too. Found myself in the very same situation as you. Wake up and it be 7:00.....Good God! Is it AM or PM!!!????!!

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Funny story Justin!

Like Sawhorseray, I'm retired, so my biggest challenge is remembering what day it is lol! Every day is Saturday!

I can sympathize though...years ago (mid '80s), I worked the night shift in a plant with rotating 12 hour shifts. One week I'd work three 12 hour shifts...the next week I'd work four 12 hour shifts. Plus, they encouraged all the overtime you could stand...but you had to cross over to the opposite day shift to get the extra hours. Always had my internal clock so screwed up, I couldn't decide if I was comin' or goin'...

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4 yrs in on retirement, it is hard to distinguish what day it is anymore. If something to do before 9Am, need to set alarm these days to make sure.
25+ yrs of getting up at 4:30, never even needed alarm before.
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