Hand Update

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Sorry you did not get any answers, hopefully now you are headed in the right direction.
Rheumatologists and Nephrologists are AMAZING Drs. They have their specialties of course, but they can help so many other things as well. When my Rheumatologist told me that I needed to see a KIDNEY Dr for my blood pressure, I thought she was nuts, but here I am, running along quite well now.

Good luck and hope you get some relief soon.
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Well Brian, good that you got in finally. And hopefully this will turn into a positive answer and a cure.

2 issues and maybe just 1 more Dr. visit to get you all fixed up.

Yes the getting old is getting old , for sure.

Sorry this is dragging out. Stay with it tho. You need answers and solutions.
My regular doctor put me on Methotrexate. Suppose to take 3 times a week. Says will take months to work. This skin problem is like poison ivy meets shingles. Hopefully will get things under control and side effects wont be to bad!
Has anyone got the shots in the finger joints for arthritis?
The prednisone had zero effect.
Man o man it’s getting tough.
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