Halibut? And clams? For lunch?

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Feb 14, 2018
Somerset, NJ
Hey All!
Certainly not a normal lunch, this was supposed to be dinner last night but happy hour kinda turned into all evening and we’re going to friends for dinner tonight so here we go:
Just some little necks on the grill for starters:



Now the fish, garlic lemon marinade, bit of spg, lil cajun:



Good lunch! Can’t wait to see what dinner will be, my buddy has a wood fired Santa Maria grill…
If dinner is better than brunch you’re in for a treat. But it’s gonna be a stretch to beat that!

My first thought was CHOWDER!!! My favorite soup, and with a side of Halibut - perfection. I never think to smoke the clams, but it sure looks good.

Point for sure
My whole life I've been eating fresh seafood that I've caught or harvested in one form or another. That looks really good...breakfast, lunch, or supper...
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I'm making an Irish inspired seafood chowder tomorrow.
I can eat necks 24/7.
Asian buffet back up north In North Dakota has little necks on the steam table. I usually put down 3 plates before coming up for air. That pays my ticket before moving on to the other offerings.
When I lived on Catalina Island I went diving quite often just for the Halibut
I love Halibut and yours looks and sounds great. And I love lemon and or lime also on mine.
After swordfish Halibut is #1 for me.

Mona loves all shell fish, and I will have to get some and smoke on the grill for her.

Went to pick some up from one of the local fish trucks on the side of the road . He wanted $ 18.99 a pound.
So we did not have it for supper , that is just too high for me to enjoy. For Ch$$$T sake , we live on the ocean, even Lobster is over that per pound at the wharf

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