Greek Beef Steak Roll-Ups W/ Yogurt Cream Gravy (Mega Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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This one is gonna get a bit lengthy. Was in the mood to just do something totally different and off the wall. Did some digging through the pantry and the fridge and this idea sort of formulated out of left field. We have some friends / neighbors who are Greek and went to Greece not long ago. They brought me back a pack of Greek BBQ seasoning that's just been sitting in the pantry for a while. Decided to go the direction I did based on that....then things got really interesting :emoji_laughing:

The seasoning packet.

The skirt steak.

Cut the steak in half. Pound it out with the meat mallet to get it larger, thinner, and a more consistent thickness. Sprinkle with the seasoning.

Add feta cheese, fresh asparagus, and sliced Kalamata olives.

Roll 'em up and tie 'em off.

Here is where I'm delving into totally uncharted territory. Going to make a Greek yogurt cream gravy. Never seen it or heard of it, but hey....why not? The yogurt I used.

Butter and flour.

Mix that up and add heavy cream.

Get that to a nice consistency and add a big dollop of the Greek yogurt.

When that cooks in add a little salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, parsley, and some dried dill weed. The dill is critical to the flavor profile.

Well here ya have it. My first Greek yogurt cream gravy... and it is fantastic!!

I mixed up a baste for the steak rolls with some EVOO and seasoning from the package. This will get applied just before they go on the grill.

A bit later. The wraps are basted and ready to cook.

And we're off!!

Got some orzo going. I like to use veggie broth versus water for this. It adds so much more flavor.

About 35 to 40 minutes at 350, on the grill, I called the roll ups done.

Plated up with a nice dose of the cream gravy and orzo.

These look kind of enticing.

Of course.....

This dinner came out superbly. I had no clue what to expect going in, but whatever expectations I had were greatly exceeded. Interestingly there was no profound flavor that just jumped out at us. All of the flavors were very subtle but in perfect balance with a LOT of complexity. There was quite a bit going on here. The Greek seasoning and the baste were fantastic. They brought a lot to the table but the combination of the feta, asparagus, and Kalamata olives was magical. It was the gravy however that really sent this over the top. Being that there were several ingredients here that could have overpowered the meal, primarily the feta cheese and the olives, it was a very pleasant surprise at how well balanced everything was.

This was a ton of fun and a very enjoyable meal but gonna call it done. Y'all take care and have a fantastic weekend.

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A very creative and a very delicious looking dinner you made there Robert! The gravy looks fantastic! I’m sure you could make a gravy cookbook at this point.
I think you covered all fields with that one Robert. It looks great!!!

Point for sure
Robert look fantastic! I imagine the yogurt t brought a richness similar to sour cream to the sauce. Love the add of dill. Welcome to the honorary Greek food club, John added me too.
Wow, very creative and delicious! You and Tracy might have to make a trip to Greece to get more spices.
Wow that look terrific Robert! Point for sure for the creativity and originality! Not being very creative myself, I always appreciate it - and envy it - when I see it! I've always told people I'm an imitator - not an innovator lol....

They look WAY more than "kinda enticing," sir. They look awesome - and that brand and flavor of yogurt is the only yogurt I buy! I can eat it straight - but more often I mix a little with a teaspoon of Bonne Maman blackberry preserves - but their fig preserves are exceedingly good with the plain yogurt!

Beautiful dinner!
It takes a very sensitive palate to come up with and execute a dish like this. I am impressed and drooling!
That's some very glowing praise, thank you. I thought it was more a meal born of desperation by somebody who just wanted something decent for dinner :emoji_wink:

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