Greek Beef Steak Roll-Ups W/ Yogurt Cream Gravy (Mega Pics)

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You have been on Fire Robert! This sounds and looks incredible! Nailed the cook on those skirts!
That's a bit of a stretch Brian but thank you. I've had a couple meals come out OK recently but I'd hardly call that being on fire :emoji_laughing:

A very creative and a very delicious looking dinner you made there Robert! The gravy looks fantastic! I’m sure you could make a gravy cookbook at this point.
Thanks very much Joe. The gravy was fantastic and really set the meal over the top. As for writing a gravy cookbook, not so sure about that buddy. My writing skills leave a lot to be desired and I never write down ingredients or measure them. It'd be a collection pretty cryptic recipes.

Yiassou! Robert. . .Looks great and very creative. . .I am officially christening you an honorary Greek!
I very much appreciate the kind words John, as well as the indoctrination into the Greek food society. Remember though, you're the one who got me started down this road. I thought about tagging you on this but had not seen you around recently. Very nice to see you again sir.

" OPA " well done Robert looks great. I am surprised the Feta did not over power this
Thank you David. I was cognizant of hoe strong the feta would be so went light with it, enough to add flavor but not be overpowering.
Like a Greek Rouladen, love it
Funny you say this. Rouladen is exactly what I had in mind starting out then saw the Greek seasoning and went this direction.

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That's some very glowing praise, thank you. I thought it was more a meal born of desperation by somebody who just wanted something decent for dinner :emoji_wink:

It is that very situation that made you shine. I can tell you that woud not have been the same result if I were confronted with that very set of circumstances! :emoji_anguished: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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