Got 2nd place - Very happy!!

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Jun 23, 2012
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This past Saturday Oct 1st, I participated in a Smoked Salmon fest up in Medford, Oregon. This event was put together by an organization called Maslow Project who help homeless children and their families. All proceeds of this event would go to the cause. Here's a couple links.

I learned about this event from a fellow fisherman while I was out on a fishing boat a few weeks ago. He said he was going to join this event. Once I got home that evening, I went on line to get the details and decided to also join the fun. Have been wanting to get away with the wife and our VW camper so what the heck. Maximum of 20 could participate by bringing a minimum of 4 pounds of smoked salmon. We needed to provide 3 pictures of ourselves processing the fish we were going to submit. I decided to do my nuggets which work perfect for small samples of finger food. The judges were the public who each paid $25 to participate. They got salmon samples, wine samples and other foods. Each judge got 3 tickets to pick their top three choices. On our table, was a box which the public would drop either 1 or all 3 of their tickets into. At the end of the day, the content of each box was counted.

First place = $1,000, 2nd place = $500, 3rd place = $250

14 fellow smokers signed up. Lots of wonderful smoked salmon dishes. Interesting that I was the only one who did nuggets which didn't require any cutting etc, whereas everyone else did filets and had to cut them up into very small pieces to fit in little paper cups which would be passed out to the public judges. Weather was iffy in the morning with a very small crowd of public, but that suddenly changed when the blue sky replaced the clouds. Initially I thought brining 6# of smoked fish was a big mistake and could have gotten by with just 4#. LOL !! By 3:30 I ran out of fish.

Finally it was time to announce the winners. 3rd place was a very young guy who was pretty new to this hobby but what he provided was wonderful. Though I was told throughout the day by many I would win, I was still very surprised when they called my name for 2nd place. After saying a little about myself and this very addictive hobby, I apparently dropped the bomb when I announced that I was giving back the $500 I just won, to help the homeless children. A lot of tears, a lot of joy. I guess I set the president because 1st place did the same. Oh and who won 1st place? My fishing buddy who originally told me about this event. A very awesome day.

Sorry for almost no pictures of the event. I was just too busy handing out fish and talking.

Here's one of the pics I provided for proof. SOSSF = Southern Oregon Smoked Salmon Fest.

Wife and I at our table. You can see how small the sampling was. Next year, I'm bringing 8# or more.

My medal

Wife making some dinner that evening at a local campground

A couple Northern Calif coastal pics.


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GREAT WORK and congratulations!

I must also say that you live in a beautiful part of the country!  My wife recently traveled to the Oregon coast for work, she has fallen in love with the place!

Again, congrats and keep up the nice smokes!
Craig congrats to you and the Mrs. Points for helping the needy kids

Thanks for the kind words. Really had fun. More importantly so did the wife.

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Wow. That's great.

Points for great pics and the donation.

Well done
That a very respectable placing considering you are in the heart of salmon county.

Keep up the good work Craig, that looks absolutely delicious!

Your donations are awesome. 
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Congrats, Very Cool. And that donation to a good cause will come back tenfold...JJ
Congratulations Craig!

That's totally awesome!!

That's a beautiful part of the country you live in!


Congratulations Craig! Points for returning the winnings to the organization!

Wish we could've come down to sample. Looked like a fun event.
Congrats on 2nd place. More important, :points: for giving your prize money back to the kids. Thumbs Up.

Sounds like you had a great experience and a great time.
BTW.. those salmon nuggets look :drool
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Congrats on the 2nd place and that was a class act returning the winnings to the cause. Bravo.
It was a very fun event to attend.  Will do it again next year.  Lots of great people to spend the day with. 
Can't say enough. Wonderful post with wonderful pics!
I'll leave it at that. Points for you & the Mrs. for having a great time and donating to a cause!

C, Awesome  looking nuggets and congratz on placing second! Donating your prize back is outstanding !!!!!!
Glad to hear you had a great time.

Nice going on the win with the Salmon.

Even nicer going on you donating the 

prize money back to the kids.

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