Going to try to smoke Boneless skinless breast on a barrel smoker

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by cdias, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. cdias

    cdias Newbie

    Going to try to smoke Boneless skinless breast on a barrel smoker does anyone have any suggestions im a little worried that will dry out. This isnt my first choice i usually use whole chickens but i have a surplus on boneless skinless in the freezer.
  2. waterinholebrew

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    Ya might try foiling them halfway thru the cook with a little liquid or maybe a little butter depending on what temp your cookin at...... Hope this helps....

  3. cdias

    cdias Newbie

    I was thinking cooking them at around 215 to 225 havent really decied yet, and that sounds like a good idea i will have the try it out.
  4. cdias

    cdias Newbie

    Turned out better than I though it would. never had to wrap in foil cooked at 220 for right around 3 hours very moist in the center.

  5. Well I'm a little late but it looks like you did just fine  [​IMG]   I do a lot of boneless skinless chicken & I never wrap it - I like it to get the smoke flavor  [​IMG]   I don't have any problem with it drying out. Your chicken looks like it was quite tasty - nice job man  [​IMG]
  6. cdias

    cdias Newbie

    Thanks all i did was drap it over the top and left the bottom open it had a good smoke flavor to it. What kind of wood do you usually use on your chicken breast if you dont mind me asking.
  7. I meant I never wrap with foil - once in a while I will lay some bacon on them but they are usually naked  [​IMG]    I like apple, corn cob, maple, pecan, sometimes oak or a combination of those for chicken. If I want something a bit different I will make some rolled breasts like this

    They are good  [​IMG]  
  8. cdias

    cdias Newbie

    Man they look good and i didnt wrap them in foil that just what i put the foil on the pan trying not to get the pan dirty haha
  9. Ah ok - I was confused - I'll blame that on me   [​IMG]

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