G'day from the land down under

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  1. Hi all. My names Matt I'm in Melbourne Victoria and very new to the world of smoking apart from a few pork ribs on the weber, ribs here suck as they don't leave much meat on them.

    I'm in the process of making a smoker so I'll have plenty of questions as I don't have much of an idea of the science behind it all. I want to make it a RF smoker so I'll end up starting a thread in that section for any help I need, after searching others of course, and I'll even do my best to talk in inches for my American friends 😋.

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    Welcome to the board, lots of Aussies here!

    Start a thread on your build and people will probably post links to a lot of how-to guides. The fun thing about that is, the thread becomes a history of the build as it goes along.
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    G'Day Mate!!

    Welcome to SMF!


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