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Discussion in 'Side Items' started by gary s, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Glad you liked em    Thanks

  2. ruger35

    ruger35 Newbie

    Awesome recipe Gary! Cooked the scaled down version today, use some of the brisket trimmings and threw them in the beans while they were cooking and it was great. Like other posters, i cut back a little on the brown sugar cause I used Bush's. Added some hot sauce and perfection!

    One question, how many people will the original recipe serve? If I am cooking for 50-75 people will that be enough, or should I double that?
  3. Thank you,  As far as how many I'm not sure It depends on how many people like beans and go back for more, One of my grandsons loves these beans and goes back several times. 

    Also depends on if your serving or they are serving themselves (People have a tendency to load up) I think the avg. rule of thumb is about 1/2 cup per serving.

    I'm sure Chef JJ and a few others can give you a better average amount.  But make plenty better to have some to send home with folks than run out

  4. johnmeyer

    johnmeyer Master of the Pit

    Your answer is very timely. I have been asked to make your beans for a BBQ next weekend. I think the host will be having about 25 total. A few months ago, Costco had a 117 ounce can (roughly 2x the 55 ounce can that is part of the original recipe) of Bush's beans (which is what I've been using) for next to nothing. 117 ounces is almost exactly 15 8-oz servings, but I figured 8 ounces is a lot (some don't have any, but some go back for seconds). Your suggestion of 4 ounces sounds closer. At 1/2 cup (4 oz), that would be 30 servings which would be more than enough.

    Thanks for inadvertently helping me as well.
  5. thebig1

    thebig1 Smoking Fanatic

    Gary, just wanted to let you know that I thawed out two containers of your beans and took them to a clam bake this afternoon. Everyone kept saying how good they were and we're just loving them.

    Thank you!
  6. Thanks. Glad everyone enjoyed them

  7. Rings Я Us

    Rings Я Us Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    Doing this recipe today to have it ready for tomorrow. I'm going to do it the same way except I have some Chipotle spice rub to substitute for the Tony C's seasoning . I also am using the honey Chipotle Sweet Baby Rays sauce to go with the spice rub in it. Same spice rub on the pork butt I'm doing . I will probably let the dripping fall into the beans for an hour or 2 before I foil with juice through the stall.
    Will have a small thread maybe. I'm using a new modded smoker.
    Enjoy the holiday all!
  8. I call mine, Cowboy Beans. My ingredients are almost identical. Me and a couple of friends were on a Pheasant hunt bout 20 years ago and just made it up. I fry a bunch of bacon in black iron skillet. Remove bacon. Do not remove the bacon grease. Add diced Serrano peppers cook for a bit then add diced onions and cook till clear. add Bush's original Baked Beans, couple of big handfuls dark brown sugar. Tony's and black pepper to your taste. Add bout 1/2 can of beer. Cook it down very slowly stirring all during the cook. Don't walk to far away cause it will burn. It is great and spicy hot. I can modify it hotter or not so hot. I love it in the ole black iron skillet. Smoking it interest me. I will try it very soon. Have a good one!
  9. Kinda like mine, What we call Cowboy Beans is a Big pot of Pinto Beans a pound of Ground Beef (Browned)
    and a jar of Pace Picante Sauce (I like Hot) Mix it all together and let simmer for a bit. And of course a pan of cornbread.