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  1. Since my last brisket and rib smoke I have had several request for my Smoked Bake Beans I thought I had posted it before But here it is,

    Gary’s Baked Beans

    1 - Lg. can 55 oz. Pork and Beans plus 2 reg. cans

    ½ pound of bacon

    1 Lg. onion

    1 – 2 Jalapeño peppers

    1 ½ - Cups brown sugar

    1 ½ to 2 cups (Favorite BBQ sauce) Sweet Baby Ray’s is good

    2 – Tb. Worcestershire sauce

    1 – Tb. Black Pepper (coarse ground)   I like a little more

    2 – tsp. garlic powder

    1 – Tb. of Tony’s     Tony Chachere’s 

    Good squirt or drizzle of Honey 

    Salt to taste

    I start by cutting bacon into small pieces and brown till just starting to get crisp. (Not too much)

    Remove bacon, drain most of the grease sweat chopped onion and Jalapeno, till tender and onion is translucent.

    I use Aluminum pans or an iron skillet. Open beans, dump into pan or skillet, add remaining ingredients mix well and taste, add more of any of the ingredients that you think it needs to suit your taste.

    Put on your smoker for 3 to 4 hours (or longer) stirring every once in a while)

    I usually sit them under my brisket or butt that has been on for a while.

    Frying up a little Bacon

    A little Onion chopped

    And a little Jalapeno

    Sweating the onions and peppers, (I usually Don't put the bacon back in 

    but it needed a little more)

    All Mixed together and ready for the Smoker

    On the Smoker    with the brisket and ribs  Happy, Happy, Happy

    In a pot waiting for everyone to start loading their plates

      Easy and Goog
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    Look good to me,question why the brisket over the beans and not the pork?Thanks for sharing I have never seen that Tonys 

  3. Thanks for the Point,    Just worked out that way  Brisket had been on for several hours, Brisket drippings are Good

  4. bearcarver

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    Mighty Tasty Looking Beans, Gary!!![​IMG]------------------[​IMG]

    I gotta try yours sometime---And Dutch's too!!!

    We usually just open a can of "Bush" Beans----Just lazy I guess.[​IMG]

  5. I like Dutch's beans,  I made both ,but the rest of my bunch said they like mine better, I think they are just used to them.   Might divide my next batch in half and add some pineapple and see.

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  6. Thanks Bear for the complement and point

  7. I just cant get over how you guys talk about smoking food.

    Every post I read there is always something in the writings that is not really about the topic, at hand, yet I seem to pick up a little more info each post.

    It's getting to the stage where I'll snap one weekend and do up what I call a good ol' southern cook up and invite the whole family over for a finger lickin, gravy drippin smoking Sunday breakfast. In this fine breakfast I'll have different meats/ingredients  smoked/cooked the ways different folks on the forum are doing it.

    It's Sunday morning down under and I'm reading about short ribs, bacon, smoked baked beans and other delights and all I'm having is "rolled oats and coffee" 

    You guys all have a wonderful week end and enjoy all that mouth watering food.

    Cheers from Down Under
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    Beans look great
  9. waterinholebrew

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    How'd I almost miss this awesome thread ? Very nice Gary ! Thumbs Up
  10. fwismoker

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    Right on Gary....getting me hungry!
  11. Yup, thats what we use too Bear! Bush'es with an onion and chopped brisket UNDER the RIBS! LOL I guess it don't matter how you do it, smoked beans r GOOOOD!
  12. Good Looking Avatar

  13. joe black

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    :points:How did I miss these? They look great. I can say that because Cindy doesn't read this. I can't have ribs without beans. It just seems to be a natural. :points:.
  14. Hey Thanks Joe,  Everybody at my house request them just about every time I smoke

  15. bodbob

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    Those look pretty yummy Gary, but what is Tony's  Chachere’s, where can I get some and what could I use for a substitute?


  16. It's a Cajun spice kind of a staple down here and at my house. You can omit it or add a little Lowery's or other seasoning you like.

    I just use it in everything

  17. bodbob

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    Thanks Gary. I looked it up and I can get it at Walmart. Gotta try these with all the ingredients! Thanks again for the post and reply.

  18. Good glad you found some, pretty easy to get hooked, you'll be using it on everythimg

  19. darwin101

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    Slap Ya Mamma is a Cajun mix  from Ville Platte that I like, Amazon has it and the others if not available locally.  For some reason I have Tony's, Zatarain's  and Slap Ya Mamma's seasoning right next to the stove.  [​IMG]

    Good looking beans Gary, I am going to try them next weekend.  :)
    Salt, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Garlic

    No MSG - All Natural - Kosher

    Good mix, but Cheaper to make your own!
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