FYI Taylor temp. probe.

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  1. Tried to order new probe for my Taylor.  I was informed by Taylor that as of Nov 1, they no longer carry parts, They  told me to call I did and total cost was $6.95 for part(1470RP) and $9.95 for shipping, Three time what you could have gotten it for from Taylor prior to Nov 1.
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    Yep. I backed out also. But I did find this. This is for the 1470N model

    Not quite as much, plus free shipping and braided steel instead of plastic.

    And don't bother with the new Taylors. They are c rap.
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  3. Yes, like the braid. I thought when my new probe comes I would go to the auto supply store and see if I can get some braid that I can cover the wire with.
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     Interesting. Let me know what you find out.

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