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Sep 30, 2010
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My daughter plays volleyball for her High School. The season is done, but they wanted to get a jump for next year, so they hosted a Middle School Tournament. I have been very vocal about the lack of fund-raising the school does as a whole for the Athletics Department. They don't even sell T-Shirts for the parents to purchase to show support, we have to go on-line and give the money to someone else and nothing goes to the school or local small businesses. Just burns my ..... well you get the point. So this was a time for me to put my tail end in gear. I spoke with the person in charge of the concessions and offered my skills and smoker up for their use and abuse. After having to find out if it was OK for me to cook for it (yes my tail was on fire again with that subject, especially with what my job is..... moving on) we decided that they wanted Pulled Pork. After explaining my numbers for yield and usage, I left it up to them to decide how much they wanted made. I had taken an extra day off work to make sure I was available for anything they needed.They gave me about 36# of butts and shoulders to cook. Not a big cook in my eyes, but what they wanted. So here we go.....

Meat: 36# Pork Butts and Shoulders

Rub: 2 batches of my rub.

Fuel: Kingsford charcoal and local oak

Game Plan: Since I have ended up having to deal with some issues on Friday and needing to leave the house at 7:00 am Saturday, I decided I would do a hybrid cook. I was going to cook at a higher temp, even for me. My goal was 275-300 and getting at least 5 hrs of smoke on the meat. The shoulders were about 7# ea and the 2 pack of butts weighed in at 22# (separated they were 10 &12#). There was no way I was going to stay up another night, so here is the Hybrid part. I would then place in pans to finish in the oven over night at 215 degrees. In the pans I put some apple cider vinegar and apple juice. Did not think the beer in the sauce would go over well with the school administration, so opted not to add it. Turned out good, just like this one better.

Prep Method:

Fired up the smoker.

Cleaned the skin off the shoulders.

Rubbed all 4 down with the rub and let sit for about 30 min while the smoker heated up.

Placed the meat on the smoker when it reached 250 and dusted with what seasoning that was left.

Closed the lid and watched the thermometers......

Time                      Meat                     Smoker

6:00                        40                           250

7:00                        75                           280

8:00                        105                         290

9:00                        140                         270 (added wood and charcoal)

10:00                     157                         290

11:00                     178                         285 (meat pulled off)

I placed the shoulders in a 4" hotel pan and the butts in a 6" hotel pan. I added about 3/4c of apple cider vinegar and 2c of apple juice to each pan. Wrapped with plastic wrap and then foil. Onto the 215 degree oven they went for the night (11:30pm to 6:30am). I then pulled them by hand and mixed back in some of the juices from the pan, after skimming most of the fat off, and a bit of sweet store bought BBQ Sauce. After mixing everything together, I placed the pork into 2ea crock pots and off we went.

We figured we would have enough pork for about 75ea sandwiches if they used 4oz per sandwich. They had a very busy day in the concessions. They did not run out of the pork, mixed feelings from me. But they had to go to the store for more supplies. All in all they did great and waiting to hear what the final numbers were they raised. The coach is now asking what else we can do for fundraisers and food. So a good day.....

Here are the Q-Views........

A little seasoning for the start....

This is what I was greeted with after 5 hours......

In the pan getting ready for nap time....

Good morning....... I love the smell of Pork in the morning.......

And here we are....... I pull my pork by hand and leave the pieces bigger. They break down a bit during mixing. But when you get a piece of bark in your sandwich, it is like finding some cash in your pants pocket when you put them on....

Clean as a whistle.......

Ummm  ... all that juict goodness in that pan
Looks tasty Bro! Nice and moist and great Bark...JJ
Thanks for doing that!!

Looks tasty!!

I am just getting the wsm fired up to do 4 butts while I sleep.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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