Fresh garden tomato sauce

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When I do mine, I just cook down the tomatoes, run through a food mill to get rid of skin and most of the seeds. Put in some fresh basil and oregano, and I freeze it. This year I have a vaccuum sealer that I will use. I've also thought about canning, is one better than the other? Also, anyone have a special recipe for when you put tomatoes up? We picked last night and my stove is completely full of tomatoes.

I've also thought about trying some smoked tomatoes for some sauce or soup, anyone ever try this?
Shell, around our house, they don't last long enough to get to the puttin' up stage!
That's a good question... where is gunslinger??? He hasn't been in since 6/12.. we may have to send out a search party
My "puttin up" maters did not do well with the excessive rain/no sun period we had when they should have been developing. We usually freeze them whole.
But I do have grape maters out the WAZOO! Sweet & tasty, eat 'em like candy. May freeze a bunch of them.
See this thread is getting a little dated. We grow and put up a lot of tomatoes. Typ plant 25-30 tomato plants with half of the paste variety for canning and fresh salsa. The other half of the crop is fer eat'n.

We haven't done sauce in a number of yrs but when we make a tomatoe based sauce, we'll drain canned tomatoes and use them. Also like to make tomato juice or a tomatoe juice cocktail that typ has 6-8 different veggies in addition to the tomatoes.

Would be tough having to go through life without maters.
I can about 300 quarts of tomatoes every year. Some whole, some chunks, some salsa, some, sauce, some with zuccini, some pickled, some relish, some paste. I love stewed tomatoes best - I could mke a meal out of just them! Yummm

Just started the canning/pickling/dehydrating pages this weekend. If you need something ask got tons of stuff I haven't even typed up yet! Lots of Mama's recipes too! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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