Freezing Pork Fat

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by daveman92789, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. daveman92789

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    I bought some pork fat earlier this year which i didn't use all of. I kept it frozen straight from the butcher never thawed. I pulled off what i needed and put the rest in the freezer in the same Styrofoam package that i got from the butcher. I'm ready to make some deer sausage however i cant find any pork fat in my area. I remembered that i had some left over from earlier this year. Would this fat still be okay to use to grind up and make deer sausage or do i need to throw this pork fat out?

  2. smokerjim

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    it will be good as long as it's not all freezer burned that might throw off the taste a little
  3. bentley

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    daveman927789 this web site,,  as some excellent information about curing meats.  Mr. Poli states that the enzymes that breakdown fat are not inhibited by cold temperature thus store fat no longer than 60 days.  If you get a chance there's a lot of good information there. Bentley.
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    If its not vacuum sealed I wouldn't use it. It could make the sausage grainy and not bind the meat

    My 2 cent

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